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Mark Campbell

SVP, Head of Europe
Mark Campbell

Tell us a little bit about your career journey before joining RGP.
I have 27 years of consulting experience, many of these as Partner, Senior Vice President and Chief Executive. I specialize in working with clients on large technology-led change and transformation programs.

Prior to RGP, I spent four years with Hitachi Consulting as Head of Management Consulting and Sales for the EMEA Region. Before that, as CEO of Hedra, I led its transformation from a niche business consultancy to a company serving a wide range of public and private sector organizations and then led the business through a trade sale. I worked at KPMG Consulting for 13 years, ultimately as Lead Partner for the civil government practice.  I started my consulting career with PA Consulting Group.

I have an MBA from Warwick University and a Master of Arts in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Oxford University.

Goals and Inspirations

What inspires you?
Really big challenges, either personal or business, inspire me. I love doing something that is right on the edge of what you think is possible. So much so it is a little bit scary!

What is a goal you have your eyes set on?
I would like to “shoot my age.” That means completing a round of golf in the same number of shots as my age (or better!). Now, this is definitely on the edge of what is possible!

What does success in your role look like?
I am successful when I recruit and develop great people around me and create the conditions for them to succeed.

A Day in the Life

What was your best day at work at RGP?
Any day when I get to speak to a client about their challenges.

What accomplishment makes you most proud since joining RGP?
I am proud of the current growth trajectory of our European business.

Share your favorite client success story.
We submitted a bid for a project at a current major client. Our presentation went really well and we were convinced that we had a compelling offer. We lost to another firm because they submitted a bid at 50% of the cost. We could not see how they could deliver the project at this rate and we raised this concern with the client in the loss review. Eight weeks later the client called and said the other firm was not delivering and they called us in to recover the project. Sometimes there is more joy in winning what was (apparently) lost than coming first to begin with!


At RGP we bring a human-first approach. What does that mean to you?
As we engage with clients, partners and each other, we keep our values at the heart of what we do and how we do it.

How do the RGP values (Loyalty, Integrity, Focus, Enthusiasm, Accountability and Talent) shape how you approach your role?
As a leader, I aspire to live the values every single day. They don’t just shape how I approach my role, they are at the core of all my interactions. I try to represent the RGP values by coming into work every day with enthusiasm, being direct and honest in my communications and being focused and accountable in all my work.

YOU beyond RGP

How do you spend your time outside of work?
I love sports and keeping fit. I run, cycle, play golf and I am passionate about Liverpool Football Club. I also read voraciously, love good wine and food and an occasional fine single malt!

Name three words that describe you.
Loyal, honest, kind

Do you have any skills or secret talents that most people don’t know about?
I have poor skills and no talent for playing the guitar and violin but I am a reasonably good cook.

What charities or social causes are you passionate about?
I have always been involved in educational related good causes and sporting charities. I currently sit as Chair of the London Youth Games, which is the largest multi-sport youth event in Europe. Each year we put on competitive sporting activities for 130,000 young people in London in over 30 sports. We have recently concluded an amazing sponsorship deal with Nike, which makes me really proud and thrilled.

Is there anything else about you that you would like people to know?
I love winning and hate losing!

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