Janis Parthun

VP, Advisory & Project Services

Years' Experience

I'm an experienced leader with expertise in finance and technology process design, risk management and driving continuous improvement for clients with global operations. I am passionate about initiatives that intersect with finance and technology.

Janis’s Perspective

The most important quality for businesses to have is providing the increasing opportunity to collaborate and innovate, creating a collective intelligence that can lead to more business success.

More About Janis

Janis brings a client-centric, cross-functional perspective to her consulting engagements, along with broad expertise in technology and business process design. In a career spanning more than two decades, she’s worked with clients in a range of industries, from technology to fintech to media. She’s passionate about finance and accounting process automation, emerging technologies, risk management and reporting transparency. A resident of San Francisco, she’s also a city cyclist and outdoor hiker.

3 Questions

What in your career has spurred the most personal and professional growth?

Projects that intersect financial data and technology really interest me, whether implementing an ERP system or evaluating financial risks to a cloud platform. This has always driven the roles I've taken and ways I've grown as a professional.

What does human agility mean to you?

Human agility means having an agile mindset and being adaptable to changes with people, processes and technology.

What excites you the most when you think about the future of work? Why?

What’s exciting about the future of work is how the accounting and finance profession continues to innovate and how introducing new emerging technologies leads to a more skilled workforce.


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