Todd Gower

Vice President, National Healthcare Leader

Years' Experience

I love exploring fractional leadership roles so we do not become complacent in our leadership roles. Allowing fractional leadership can provide insights into other methods of operating to support change and growth— its being agile.

Todd’s Perspective

Human agility is about self-awareness. Being able to detect the underlying rules of some of the most complex aspects of ourselves. Once we know these rules, we can see how to satisfy deep needs and drives, how to engage our talents to get those needs and drives met, and how to set them aside when we need to.

More About Todd

Todd is an experienced executive in the delivery of risk transformational services. Todd has nearly 30 years experience of hands-on, practical governance risk and compliance (GRC) experience. He is responsible for developing RGP’s capabilities to assist Healthcare clients in properly identifying and managing their enterprise risks through delivery of robust governance for operational efficiency and effectiveness. Todd has been involved with healthcare governance and regulatory reporting for over 21 years.

Prior to RGP, Todd worked for Ernst and Young’s (EY) risk advisory practice and held leadership roles at EY and client-level  audit and compliance leadership roles for health industry clients, to include Academic Medicine. This included risk transformation GRC systems (implementations and improvements), claims integrity, internal audit, price transparency, provider contract compliance, pharmacy rebates, and other compliance regulatory matters to include assessments for CMS, OMB, HRSA, CMMC and OIG.

Todd is also passionate about rebuilding 1980’s racing bikes, is a wood-crafting hobbyist, wine collector and loves travel.

3 Questions

What are you passionate about?

In my particular line of work, I am most passionate about discovering new areas of care that test the thinking of standard risks concerns.

What else are you passionate about?

My passion for risk governance came from my time working and living in Panama. In my role, I had to help open the new business as well as provide a template for other businesses opening in Latin America.

What will be the biggest disruptor to business in the future? How can businesses get in front of it?

The biggest disrupter for businesses are global changes such as COVID and we have not seen the last of these changes. Being agile with your team, tech and client interactions will be key.

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