Rupen Babhania

Global Solution Leader, Business Agility and Project Services

Years' Experience

Rupen is passionate about transforming organizations and unlocking human potential. He's experienced at conceptualizing and delivering complex enterprise-wide transformations and has led multiple global companies in their digital transformation journeys.

Rupen’s Perspective

I'm excited to see project and program management evolve towards transformation management—which requires bringing together a blend of planning and execution, change management and communications, data and analytics, financial nimbleness and dynamic resource allocation.

More About Rupen

Based in Irvine, California, Rupen’s core expertise centers around transformation planning and execution, business agility and converting strategies into actionable implementations, with a focus on empowering organizations to become more Agile.

Rupen approaches transformation as an opportunity to unlock human potential, helping people see that they can deliver more value by embracing change, while encouraging leaders to embrace the principles of servant leadership.

He’s seen the positive impact of this approach first-hand, most memorably when leading a global airline through its digital transformation. During the final phase of the program, they hosted a town hall meeting where they spoke with colleagues to get feedback on how his team had led the complex change. Rupen says, “It was extremely humbling to hear that this was, by far, the best program in terms of open communications, sticking to timelines, and treating people with respect, most of whom had their jobs changed or redefined.”

When not working, Rupen enjoys hiking, cycling and cooking.

3 Questions

What sort of disruption has happened in your career that has spurred personal and professional growth?

Living and working in five countries spanning five continents has brought a sense of respect for multi-cultural values and the ability to adapt my personal and professional values to each of these vastly different experiences.

What does Human Agility mean to you?

Human Agility starts with setting up the right conditions and culture, which sits squarely with any organization’s leadership. I'm passionate about working with C-suite executives to coach them on how their roles need to evolve to unlock the potential of Human Agility.

What excites you most when you think about the future of work?

Borderless, no hierarchies, singular purpose—this is what will separate the most admirable companies from the rest.

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