Paresh Shah

SVP, Strategic Initiatives

Years' Experience

Building and leading high-performing teams to grow consulting organizations. Expert in Technology, Risk and Compliance, and Transformation services.

Paresh’s Perspective

Individuals and leaders have a lot more potential than they give themselves credit for. With the right motivators and teams, individuals can personally accelerate their pace of growth. For most folks, this happens when they go through a difficult project or have a strong mentor who can motivate and push them accordingly.

More About Paresh

Over the last 20 years Paresh Shah has led service organizations by bringing together high-performing teams. He’s built practice areas from the ground up, led regional P&Ls, and managed all aspects of a services company, including sales, business development, practice delivery, solutions development, recruiting and operations. He’s also initiated and led high-impact initiatives to drive major organization-wide change.

A technologist at heart, Paresh enjoys combining people, processes and technology to solve complex business problems and unleashing the power of getting the right people on the team and leading them through growth and challenges. His passion for technology tracks back to my his early career with banks and brokerage houses, where he spent significant time automating various trading and banking products.

Paresh is a frequent commentator on professional services organizations, automation and digital trends, as well as risk and compliance. In his free time, he likes teaching kids about basic robotics and 3D printing. A life-long student, he’s currently trying his hand at woodworking.

Specialties: P&L general management, professional services management, high-impact strategic initiatives, business and IT strategy services, business process re-engineering, enterprise systems, cybersecurity, risk and compliance, and technology solutions

3 Questions

What sort of disruption has happened in your career that has spurred personal and professional growth?

My career broadly is categorized in three parts: Architecting software systems, business consultant and leading broad teams managing P&Ls. Each career change gave a new level of appreciation for organization-wide challenges and the importance of empowering and leading through high-performing teams

What does human agility mean to you?

Human agility is our ability to be nimble, focused and effective at the same time. Organizations can improve dramatically as they interweave agility, business decision-making and high-performing teams.

What excites you the most when you think about the future of work?

It is ever changing and the pace of change is accelerating. With technology as an enabler, people want to balance flexibility with high-impact work efforts. Organizations that are more creative around providing employees with the right balance and job satisfaction will continue to thrive and grow faster.

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