Ian Burnett

VP, Risk & Compliance

Years' Experience

Expert in Internal Audit Co-Sourcing, Internal Controls/SOX, Data Analytics

Ian’s Perspective

I believe that internal audit functions need to adopt a more agile approach to conducting their work and how they deliver value to stakeholders. Gone are the days of multi-year audit plans; audit functions needs to be risk-focused and constantly re-thinking prioritization of tasks and how to leverage technology to enable agility in what they do.

3 Questions

What does human agility mean to you?

Human agility means the ability to not only adapt to change but to anticipate and embrace change. As consultants, we seek continuous improvement and by being agile humans we can drive thought leadership in this area.

What excites you the most when you think about the future of work? Why?

The future of work is exciting because the pace of change has never been more rapid. Thinking about what's next and where the next valuable idea will come from keeps us on our toes.

What sort of disruption has happened in your career that has spurred personal and professional growth?

When I moved from working in industry to consulting I was able to greatly expand the types of companies and business models that I was exposed to. You get to see so much being a consultant that you can leverage and take with you along your career.


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