Anil Mohinani

Senior Director, Business Technology

Years' Experience

Based in London, Anil is a versatile technology consultant with extensive experience leading large-scale transformation, turn-around and test management engagements across multiple industry sectors, including financial services, consumer goods, telecommunications and the public sector.

Anil’s Perspective

Changing workforce and customer expectations for how they interact with everyday services will prompt companies to reimagine their digital engagement channels and how to better engage with their end users.

More About Anil

Passionate about helping clients achieve their business and technology transformation objectives, Anil has worked closely with multiple FTSE 100 clients to help them deliver large-scale transformation, migration and recovery turn-around programs. These include clients across multiple sectors, including Government, Telecommunications and Financial Services (core banking, savings, secured lending, insurance and capital markets) as well as Consumer Goods. He brings deep expertise in system selection, financial services, cloud and emerging technologies, delivery methodology, and program test delivery.

When not staying ahead of the curve on technology and digital innovation you are likely to find Anil spending time with his family or out for a run.

3 Questions

What sort of disruption has happened in your career that has spurred personal and professional growth?

Working across multiple industries and with different clients has offered me the opportunity to professionally grow and witness how business transformation and embracing emerging technologies transform our clients.

What does human agility mean to you?

Human agility means having the ability embrace change, pivot to new challenges and opportunities.

What excites you the most when you think about the future of work? Why?

The digital workplace—driven by technology advances in artificial intelligence, automation and the emerging metaverse technologies—will create a unique opportunity for companies to transform their organizations and business models as well as the future of work.

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