Kate Duchene Joins Bloomberg Radio to Discuss Current Jobs Outlook

September 7, 2022
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Determining how, when and where work is done remains a key challenge facing organizations amid a tight labor market. Our CEO Kate Duchene joined Bloomberg Radio to discuss the August jobs report, current workforce trends, the outlook for hybrid work, and how businesses are getting more creative to execute transformation projects and operational initiatives.

“I think we all have to recognize that the world of work has fundamentally changed post-pandemic and talent is really in the driver’s seat,” said Duchene. “What companies that are really thriving understand is that there isn’t a black and white answer here. You have to find a middle ground that works from a business perspective and from a talent perspective.”

Kate spoke with Bloomberg Markets hosts Paul Sweeney and Matt Miller about what she’s hearing and seeing from clients and talent:

  • How businesses need to build more flexibility, agility and opportunities to collaborate into their workforce plans as more employees return to the office
  • How hiring the right partners with the right expertise and resources is essential with transformation happening everywhere in large organizations
  • How RGP’s business continues to thrive by truly listening to employees and clients about what they need and want

Listen to the full interview starting at the 11-minute mark »


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