Tim Brackney Discusses Employee Engagement in a Hybrid Workforce

July 15, 2022
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Culture and employee engagement are more critical to business success than ever in today’s increasingly hybrid work environment. Our Chief Operating Officer and President Tim Brackney recently spoke about the soft skills leaders must possess on the Manage 2 Win podcast.

“If you’re empathetic, in some ways, that’s going to force you to be a better listener, a better communicator and be more transparent,” said Brackney. “Being a good listener and being able to communicate after listening to what somebody else is feeding to you is, I think, just such a key skill.”

In a wide-ranging conversation with business expert and host David Russell, Tim covered:

  • The shift to more project-based work that started in Silicon Valley 10-15 years ago and the reasons why more organizations are taking a more project-based approach to getting work done.
  • How RGP pioneered the professional gig model and what Tim learned about the need to balance traditional employee benefits and stability with flexibility and control.
  • The soft skills that today’s leaders need to be successful, including empathy, transparency and listening.

Listen to the full interview, “Engaging Employees in Hybrid, Fast Moving Organizations,” on Apple Podcasts, or watch below.


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