Tuning a High-Performance Engine to Drive Project Success

Dramatically improve business outcomes with an integrated, holistic framework for successful delivery at the portfolio, program and project level.

“The most significant disruption of the 21st century is not technology, artificial intelligence or big data. It is the way organizations and countries will be managed – through projects.”

Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez HBR Author & Speaker


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of strategic change and transformation initiatives fail

Deliver Successful Projects with Confidence & Control

No one launches an expensive, high-stakes initiative expecting it will fail. Yet most do, resulting in cost overruns, delayed benefits, operational risks and poor morale. But what if you could confidently steer your most important initiatives around curves and over the finish line, guided by a portfolio-level dashboard with real-time gauges of performance, efficiency and impact based on:

  • Real business objectives
  • Highest return on investment
  • Best use of constrained resources
  • Lowest risk to delivery

RGP’s holistic framework and proven methodology give you that level of control, putting powerful levers within easy reach to ensure your teams are on track to deliver — and course-correct as needed.

"You can have the best technology and tools, and if it’s not adopted and sustained, then you haven’t fully achieved your transformation goals. The real magic happens when the plans turn into actual benefits.”

– Patricia Reyes, RGP Vice President, Change Management

RGP's Integrated, Holistic Framework to Drive Project Success

From leadership alignment and change management to real-time visibility and tracking of project metrics to business goals, successful delivery goes beyond good project management. Explore our holistic approach.

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Cross-Functional Solutions to Support Strategic Business Goals

Through our agile professional services model we provide flexible support to help drive project success, bringing together the right people with the right expertise across multiple disciplines to achieve your project and business goals. 

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Assess Your Performance & Potential for Project Success

Is your organization’s project delivery engine firing on all cylinders or could it use a tune-up? Take our quick survey to gauge your performance across six key dimensions with practical guidance for improvement.

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Overcoming the Execution Challenges of Mission-Critical Projects

Delivering successful projects has become dramatically more difficult since 2020. To better understand the challenges, we surveyed 404 senior executives at large companies in four global industries with $1 billion or more in annual revenue.

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Business Transforms When Projects Perform™

How RGP Drives Project Success

RGP helps you successfully execute mission-critical initiatives with a proven approach to optimize and continuously improve delivery. Our results-oriented teams have decades of experience delivering highly complex programs and projects for the world’s leading organizations as well as deep industry, functional and operational expertise.

Our clients also benefit from our strategic partnership with Kotter, which helps businesses drive and sustain change through a 90-day alignment and accelerator framework.

Project Portfolio Management

Optimize portfolios, programs and projects, with expert guidance in transforming enterprise strategies into business results.

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Program Management Office

Count on consistent, efficient and sustainable results, with strong governance and processes to support effective decision-making.

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Project Management

Experienced, results-oriented project managers ensure projects not only get completed on time, on budget and within scope but also consistently achieve business goals.

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Transaction Management

Benefit from expert support for M&A integrations, divestitures and public readines that enables rapid business outcomes and maximizes deal value.

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Change Management

Achieve significant, sustainable business and cultural transformation with our pragmatic Return on Change™ Framework.

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Business Agility

Organizations investing in agility benefit from faster time to market, reduced costs and improved employee satisfaction. Our Agile leaders can set you up for success by building the strategy, managing the change, and establishing the growth culture.

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Global Media Giant Transforms to Power Growth

Learn how we helped a $60 billion global mass media and entertainment conglomerate transform enterprise technology project management to enable growth.

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Prioritize Projects with Strategic Portfolio Management

See how you can avoid the risk of project failure and team burnout by prioritizing which projects get the greenlight.

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Digital Project Management Powers SPAC Success

Proven digital framework and deep domain expertise enabled our client to successfully close their SPAC transaction and go public in only six months.

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Why It's Time to Evolve the PMO

Transformations are complex, messy and emotionally draining. That’s why it’s time to reevaluate the traditional role of the Program Management Office (PMO).

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How to Plan for the 'People Part'

Transformative change inevitably brings serious human impacts. That means change management should be a cornerstone of your strategic planning, with a focus on the “people part.”

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