Program & Project Management

Proven program and project management aligns business strategy with execution.

“Organizations waste an average of $97 million for every $1 billion invested, due to poor project performance.”

— Project Management Institute

Successful business outcomes begin with clear vision and alignment—from executive leaders to the delivery team—and depend on rigorous planning, skillful execution and the agility to assess status and course-correct as needed. Using proven project management lifecycle approaches and our own Project Management Framework (PMF), we support the specific characteristics and objectives of each program or project to drive successful results.

Our results-oriented PMs have decades of experience delivering highly complex programs and projects for the world’s leading organizations and are certified in a variety of frameworks and methodologies. We also bring deep industry, functional and operational expertise, as well as emotional intelligence to build strong, collaborative relationships clients and other resources.

Whether your organization relies on a traditional waterfall methodology or follows an Agile or hybrid approach, you can count on consistent, efficient and sustainable results, with strong governance and processes to support data-driven decisions.

Driving Value at Every Stage

With our PMF as a foundation, we work with your leadership team to deliver value and transparency every step of the way, keeping projects on track with the agility to pivot quickly. In addition to support for individual projects, we also offer solutions for managing multiple, complex projects and for implementing Agile transformation initiatives.

Project Portfolio Management

“94% of high-maturity organizations noticed a tangible impact after implementing Project Portfolio Management”

— Project Management Institute

Drive your corporate strategy while making the most of investments in time, resources and funding by prioritizing initiatives based on their expected value. Project Portfolio Management enables you to map projects and programs in your portfolio to strategic pillars while optimizing project delivery. This provides a holistic view of your entire portfolio and becomes the basis for defining measurable strategic success objectives, including identifying cross-project/program synergies and dependencies, to maximize the value of your investments.

Program Management Office (PMO)

“50% of large organizations will have integrated disparate business and IT PMOs into EPMO hubs to enable digital transformation by 2021.”

— Gartner

When undertaking strategic initiatives, you can gain operational efficiencies and increase value from your investments by aligning projects into programs and programs into portfolios. A successful PMO establishes a strong governance structure for synchronized execution, applying templates, processes and standards for all projects and programs within the portfolio. The PMO quantifies needs, manages demand, prioritizes efforts, coordinates dependencies, assesses and reports on execution, and mitigates risk across projects.

Project Management Framework

Our PMF powers a robust, holistic approach based on industry-leading practices and significant hands-on experience. This framework provides a standardized set of processes, tools and templates to help ensure successful delivery while minimizing risk at every phase of the project. We’ve combined our proven project management framework with best-in-class, customizable software to accelerate your business. RGP LaunchPMTM is a best-in-class project management solution developed by the global consultants of RGP. It pairs proven tools and templates with the capabilities of a leading cloud-based project management platform, speeding time-to-delivery of critical programs and projects, while providing deeper insight into portfolios.

Agile Transformation

In this age of constant market disruption, many organizations are transforming to adopt an Agile approach to program and project management. Through constant iteration, collaboration and learning, they’re able to nimbly respond to changing conditions and achieve faster time to market, reduce costs and improve employee and customer satisfaction.

Wherever you are in your Agile transformation journey, our team of skilled Agilists can support you, from strategy to design and preparation to execution. Our coaches, Scrum Masters and DevOps experts enable you to deliver lasting, value-added changes. We can also help you manage these changes and build an agile future-ready organization.

How We Work

A key aspect of every project is understanding your near-term and long-term objectives and adapting our engagement to meet your needs. Whether leading a project workstream, partnering with you to develop a Program Management Office—or anywhere in between—we provide Program and Project Management services in four primary ways.

Assess current-state to identify and qualify actionable future-state improvement opportunities to help reach the next business maturity level.

Identify key areas and approaches to improve program and project management governance, strategies and processes.

Deliver short or long-term program/project support through involvement of resources with relevant functional and industry experience.

Develop and implement automated capabilities and processes to help reduce labor-intensive administrative and other repetitive functions.

“We are extremely impressed by the way RGP's team maintained focus on understanding and enabling our culture throughout our transformation engagement … their unmatched ability to drive true change management will make our EPMO creation initiative a long-term success."

Senior Vice President, Enterprise Services, GM Financial

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