Return on Change™
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Our strategic partnership helps businesses drive and sustain change through a 90-day alignment and accelerator framework.

“The need to adapt is nothing new. What is new is how often we need to change, the pace at which we need to move, and the complexity and volatility of the context in which we are operating.”

Excerpt from the book Change published by Kotter


Successful Change Management Initiatives with 500+ Clients

RGP and Kotter join forces to accelerate and sustain client value around business transformation.

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Every organization faces the challenge of accelerating and sustaining change. Our strategic partnership turns that challenge into an opportunity.

Efforts to change can quickly become bloated and drag themselves to a halt. RGP’s Return on Change framework + Kotter’s “Accelerator” methodology enables your organization to set aside distractions and focus on achieving the “seemingly impossible, but achievable” goals in 90 days or less.

Together, we execute change with you — not for you. We build your internal change capabilities along the way that are flexible, collaborative, achievable and sustainable throughout your transformation journey.

We create a movement where change doesn’t happen only at the top. Through rapid workforce activation, we help generate a pull from your employees rather than a push from leadership.

Unprecedented results are possible when you give greater meaning and purpose to an effort. We help establish mindset shifts across your organization to help teams work differently.

Give us 90 days and we can empower your teams to achieve critical business results they didn’t believe was possible.


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There’s a Science to Change—and Kotter Pioneered It.

The world is changing faster than ever before. Many organizations struggle to respond to these changes quickly enough. Kotter brings a 40+ year legacy of world renown research combined with more than 20 books on leading complex change, why organizations struggle with major transformation, and what they can do about it.

Kotter identified and extracted the success factors of countless leaders and organizations as they were trying to transform their business and combined them into a methodology:
8 Accelerators for Leading Change. Learn more about this award-winning methodology.

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8 Accelerators - Kotter

Deliver a Return on Change™

RGP’s Return on Change framework helps clients achieve significant, sustainable business and cultural transformation. We build your organizational change muscle through a pragmatic approach focused on aligning, engaging and sustaining your change initiative investment.

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Return on Change

"We are seeing businesses across every industry adopt transformation and change initiatives more rapidly than ever before amid this rapidly evolving 'Now of Work' environment."

Kate Duchene

Assess Your Organizational Change Readiness

Leading an organization through transformative change requires a comprehensive strategy, a robust plan and detailed execution to align leaders, engage your stakeholders and ready your workforce.

As you prepare for upcoming change initiatives, our quick 3-minute survey helps uncover if you’re positioned for success or need to course-correct before getting too far down the path.

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How RGP’s Return on Change powered by Kotter Drives Mindset Shifts & Unprecedented Outcomes

Clarity + Alignment: Alignment sessions designed to build greater levels of clarity and alignment around the desired future state — shifting leader mindsets.

Measurement of Success/Results: Define success measures and Accelerator initiatives to drive towards overall transformation outcomes.

Risk Mitigation: RGP + Kotter’s Accelerated Transformation approach is designed to engineer out all known anticipated risk factors.

A True Sense of Urgency: Unifying overall transformation vision/destination that engages the Head + Heart. Reinforce resisting false urgency pitfalls and short-term rewards that are not sustainable.

Increased Client Readiness: Enable overall change and mindset shifts with urgency.

Networked Execution: Peer-to-peer engagement strategy to broadly distribute transformation execution, focused on business results.

Acceleration of Results: Delivered against key transformation goals and priorities.

Sustainable Change: Action Plan for sustaining results achieved and ensuring behavior change becomes core to your workforce.

What Does It Take To Accelerate & Sustain Transformation Efforts?

The components of our approach are designed to engineer out all of the known risk factors that can be anticipated, while establishing a trajectory for change at scale and with speed.

The 4 Change Principles: Select Few + Diverse Many, Have To + Want To, Head + Heart, and Leadership + Management are the mindsets, attitudes and behaviors needed to drive change. When married with the 8 Accelerators, the structure, process and sustainability engine for successful transformation comes to life.

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Kotter 4 Principles

“We are moving from episodic to continuous change. With this shift, urgency will move from being an important issue every few years to being a powerful asset all the time.”

Dr. John P. Kotter
Change Leadership Expert

Return on Change™ Framework

Increase Organizational Agility with RGP and Kotter’s Solution Offerings

Using RGP’s Return on Change framework and Kotter’s methodology—and years of consulting experience applying that methodology—we guide clients through a transformational journey that inspires unprecedented results and strong leadership at every level.

Our pragmatic approach helps our clients to achieve their stretch goals: significant cost savings, innovation and growth, customer and employee experience improvements, true digital transformation—opportunities that inherently demand human agility, despite what can seem like impenetrable barriers.

Growth Plan Realization

What would it be worth to your organization to realize your growth plan ahead of schedule? Our approach helps organizations set a compelling vision of what’s possible, addresses the question of “why now,“ and activates people across levels and functions to break down barriers, innovate and solve problems together to achieve breakthrough growth.

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Digital + Technology Transformation

Our approach to implementing a new system or technology focuses on the people whose behavior change is required for the transformation to succeed. It’s about getting those people excited for and ready to use the new technology – not just knowing how to use it – that delivers the return sought.

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Culture Change

An organization’s culture – and the attitudes and mindsets that stem from that culture – can either slow everything down or be a catalyst for innovation, strategic agility, and speed. Our approach to culture change provides new ways for employees to engage, collaborate and achieve results together to establish and reinforce a more positive and productive culture.

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Leadership Development

Even the most successful organizations struggle with building a bench of change-capable leaders. Based on Dr. John Kotter’s decades of Harvard-based research, our approach to leadership development enables an organization to more quickly scale a change or strategic priority through experiential and apprentice-style learning, leadership team facilitation and educational courses and programs. The result is an organization filled with change-capable leaders poised to lead the next wave of change.

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Operational Efficiency

Many organizations are on a hunt to find incremental time and cost savings, but find that the low-hanging fruit has already been plucked and traditional continuous improvement methods are only driving incremental refinements. Our approach brings together diverse voices from a cross section of your business, organizing them into highly coordinated teams that move with urgency, speed and creativity to challenge norms, break down persistent barriers and achieve blockbuster business results.

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M&A Integration

Most mergers and acquisitions start with a goal: to realize more value, mitigate risk, effectively compete, grow substantially, etc. Whatever the reason, the value sought is rarely realized after the ink is dry. In order to realize the original business case, Our approach to merger and acquisition integration focuses on culture and people first. We perform cultural due diligence, align leaders, help employees of both organizations see what’s possible together, and organize them to take ownership of the change and create a new, united future.

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employees meeting over a table
Kotter on HBR
Is Your Organization Surviving Change or Thriving in It?

The single biggest challenge we face as teams, organizations and a society at large is to adapt fast enough to match the increasing uncertainty and complexity around us.

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Man seated in front of computer with a cuppa
Success Story
Empowering Teams Through Digital Workforce Enablement

For a global Fortune 100 technology company that’s fueled innovation and growth by acquiring other companies, integration is a big deal—especially since M&A failure rates remain stubbornly high. To overcome resistance to change, retain top talent, and attain the full value of their acquisitions, our client needed to bring about a new way of working.

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People at a conference table wearing masks with a videoconference in the background
Kotter Insight
Technology Adoption as a Competitive Advantage

The need to keep up with the digital revolution is directly tied to the increased speed and complexity of our world today. Those organizations that embrace new technology – and avoid the common adoption pitfalls – will inevitably set themselves up to better meet the need of employees, customers, and shareholders.

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RGP Insight
Plan for the ‘People Part’ of Transformation

Transformative change inevitably brings serious human impacts. That means change management should be a cornerstone of your strategic planning, with a focus on the “people part.”

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Success Story
Centralizing Global Project & Change Management

Our team of project management and change management subject matter experts supported our Client’s goal to standardize execution of their global transformation projects, as well as analysis and reporting tools for project management.

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Person using laptop computer while standing in a data center
Success Story
Easing the Human Impact of Digital Transformation

To drive awareness, understanding and adoption of a cloud migration our Client engaged with RGP to develop a strategic framework to support change management during digital transformations.

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