Easing the Human Impact of Digital Transformation

November 6, 2019
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Client: A Fortune 50 specialty retail, web service and cloud computing company

To drive awareness, understanding and adoption of a cloud migration our client engaged with RGP to develop a strategic framework to support change management during digital transformations.

Our Change Management team developed a digital transformation playbook, designed to enable internal account teams and customers to assess and address the human and organizational impacts of a cloud migration journey.

What We Did

  • Provided guidance to help internal client teams and customers understand the role of organizational change management during a digital transformation.
  • Facilitated key information gathering sessions and conducted interviews.
  • Built a unique set of tools and methods aligned with the Client Cloud Acceleration Framework.
  • Leveraged our Return on Change™ (RoC) framework and customized tools and methods to provide support and training for employees impacted by the cloud migration.


  • Developed a comprehensive change management playbook with an end-to-end toolset and step-by-step instructions for cloud migration business adoption.
  • Customized and aligned nearly 70 artifacts, tools, methods, instructions and templates to support the digital transformation, including migration assessment, planning and deployment.
  • Increased understanding of the significant human impact caused by cloud migrations.
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