We treat healthcare operations systems and processes so you can focus on patient delivery and care.

Healthcare sits at the nexus of transformative change, from technology and digital innovation to evolving models of patient care. Providers, payers and life science companies alike face an array of complex challenges—but also opportunities to improve patient outcomes and business results.

Transformative Change

RGP has executed projects and consulting engagements for clients across the entire healthcare ecosystem, serving biotechnology, healthcare providers and payers, medical device and pharmaceutical companies. With 35% of our project consultants working in healthcare, you can rely on our deep subject matter expertise and worldwide talent pool to help you manage the changing demands of today’s healthcare environment, from data security and HIPAA/GDPR compliance to opioid crisis risk mitigation.

Our Approach

We take a human-first approach to change the way you work from the back room to the frontline, applying flexibility, insight and expertise where you need it most:

  • Clinical Trials Acceleration & Optimization
  • Clinical Trials Data Strategy
  • Data Strategy & Analytics
  • Digital Transformation
  • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
  • Equity Compensation Management
  • IPO Readiness
  • IT Configuration Optimization
  • Lease Strategy & Compliance
  • Medical Tourism
  • MRO Spend Optimization
  • Opioid Crisis Risk Mitigation Strategy
  • Patient Adherence Program
  • Patient Readmittance Reduction
  • Revenue Integrity
  • Business Process Automation
  • Transaction Advisory Services

Where RGP Excels

We have served 100%

of the Top 5 Private Health Systems.

We have served 90%

of the Top 10 Not-For-Profit Health Systems.

We have served 75%

of the Fortune 1000 healthcare companies.

Enabling Healthcare Organizations to Thrive with Business Agility
Organizations that embrace business agility and the principles of Agile capture benefits spanning customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and operational and financial performance. So, why are so many, particularly in the field of healthcare, lagging and what can they do to accelerate their path to transformation?

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