RGP Corporate Citizenship & Sustainability

We Dare to Work Differently by taking care of each other and the world around us.

“As a human-first organization, we know that we’re better because of a workforce that brings a diversity of thought, perspectives and experiences.”

Kate Duchene, CEO
Entire Executive Leadership Team Comprised of People who Identify as Racially/Ethnically Diverse or Women* *as of May 2023
U.S. Employees Identify as Racially/Ethnically Diverse or Women*
*as of May 2023

Our commitment to Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability is more than a corporate imperative. They’re the pillars upon which we’re building the Now of Work—using our focus on human agility to ignite opportunity and impact for people and the planet.


Taking Care of Our Planet

We believe that environmental sustainability is good for our planet and our bottom line. As a global professional services firm, our environmental footprint is relatively small and we remain committed to reducing it even more.

Our Goals

    Minimize our carbon emissions:

    • We reduce employee commuting through our use of virtual offices, hybrid approach to remote and in-office work, and maximizing technology for virtual meetings.

    Decrease our global real estate footprint:

    • We reduced our global real estate footprint by over 31,000 square feet during fiscal 2023 by creating designated virtual offices, utilizing shared work spaces and expanding our use of technology to allow more employees to work virtually.
    • Since June 2020, we have reduced our global real estate footprint by over 143,000 square feet.
    • We plan to reduce our physical footprint by an additional 88,000 square feet over the next few years.

    Reduce our reliance on print materials:

    • Beginning in 2022, we distribute our proxy statement and annual report digitally.
    • Nearly all client invoices are processed via electronic billing.
    • We deployed electronic pay stubs for all US employees.
    • We reduced print-based marketing materials in favor of digital assets.

    Our Environmental Policy

Reduced Global Real Estate Footprint 143,000 Square Feet
* since June 2020
of Executive Leadership Team Identifies as Racially/Ethnically Diverse or Women
Social Justice Nonprofits Received Matching Funds Since 2020
Social Commitment

Putting Diversity, Equity & Inclusion to Work

At RGP, diversity, equity and inclusion are critical underpinnings of our shared values. As a Human First company, we recognize diversity as a strength that is cultivated through our culture, our people, our business and our clients. We are working to protect and promote inclusion and equity in the workforce and in corporate leadership. We are proud of the gender balance of our workforce and the diversity of our executive team. We continue to focus on building and advancing diverse leaders at all levels of the company.

At RGP, our core values are L.I.F.E.A.T RGP (Loyalty, Integrity, Focus, Enthusiasm, Accountability and Talent). These guide our day-to-day interactions with each other and our clients to strengthen our inclusive culture and create a sense of belonging for everyone. We prioritize inclusivity to ensure that every employee can have the skills, access and resources needed to succeed in the Now of Work. Our ultimate goal is that all of our employees, regardless of their background, know and feel that they belong and are valued at RGP.

Our Key Focus Areas

    Promote diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice:

    • Established a Social Justice Charitable Matching Fund, which has allowed us to help raise DE&I awareness internally across our organization by matching employees’ contributions to charitable organizations that promote social justice. As of May 2023, donated over $300,000 since June 2020 to our Social Justice Charitable Matching Fund.
    • Our global DE&I Council & Ambassadors, who comprise a cross-functional group of employees, provide thought leadership, champion our DE&I agenda and guide efforts into our go-to-market activities.
    • Appointed a head of DE&I in 2023 to lead our efforts to foster a workplace where everyone is included, valued and respected for their contributions to the success of the company.

    Two-thirds of our C Suite, and one-third of our board members, are women:

    • Paradigm for Parity® Coalition Member, and several of our leaders named as “Women on the Rise” by Paradigm for Parity.
    • Recognized as a 2020 Women on Boards “W” Winning Company.

    Increase community involvement and volunteerism:

    • During COVID lockdowns in China, gifted our local workforce with food boxes to help alleviate food shortage problems.
    • Sponsor of BrightPath STEAM Academy’s Annual Camp. Founded by an RGP leader, the program introduces African-American youth to STEAM careers.
    • Launched a new Spirit of Volunteerism initiative to share stories, foster community connections and promote organizations and causes that are important to our employees.

    Elevate employee experience through well-being, resilience and growth:

    • Borderless Talent/Hybrid Work Model enables employees to work with greater flexibility and promotes more balanced work/life priorities.
    • RGP’s “Professional Communities” and Culture Clubs nurture a culture of connection, belonging, and knowledge share that enriches the professional experience of RGP employees.
    • Sponsor regular wellness and self-care sessions for all employees.
    • Offer global employees participation in programs and resources to support personal and family health and wellbeing.
    • Provide robust health and welfare benefits globally, including paid time off and holidays.
    • RGP U, a global learning-and-training program, helps newly hired employees to acclimate faster and foster a sense of inclusion.
    • Leadership development programs create cohesive, high-performing employees.
    • Global Business Continuity Team improves our disaster preparedness plans and implements strategies to manage the health and security of our employees, business continuity and client confidence.

    Our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy:

Racial & Gender Diversity
Racial Diversity at RGP

U.S. Employees Identify as

Racially/Ethnically Diverse Or Women*

*As of May 2023.


Directors Identify as

Racially/Ethnically Diverse Or Women


Executive Leadership Team Identify as

Racially/Ethnically Diverse Or Women


Operating With Integrity & Transparency

As a publicly traded company, we strive to earn the trust of our clients, employees, consultants, stockholders and the communities we serve by operating in a legal, ethical and trustworthy manner. We believe that good governance begins with effective leadership and strong values. Our corporate policies and structure allow our employees, executives and board to lead with integrity and transparency.

At a Glance

    Our Board plays an active role in corporate risk management:

    • The Board receives regular reports from senior management on areas of material risk to the Company, including operational, financial and strategic risks.
    • The Audit Committee oversees the company’s risk assessment and risk management policies, particularly the management of financial risks.
    • The Audit Committee receives regular reports from the Vice President of Internal Audit, who directly reports to the Audit Committee Chair.
    • The Audit Committee receives quarterly reports on cybersecurity risks and the Company’s ongoing cybersecurity training for employees.
    • The Compensation Committee oversees risk management around our executive compensation plans and arrangements.
    • The Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee oversees risk management associated with the composition of the Board and other types of corporate governance risks.
    • We maintain Corporate Governance Guidelines, which direct our Board’s actions.

    Established advisory ESG Committee overseen by Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee of the Board:

    • Formed an ESG Committee during fiscal 2022, with oversight by the Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee of the Board. The ESG Committee is a cross-functional advisory committee comprised of employees from various sectors and geographic locations. It meets regularly to discuss the Company’s general strategy with respect to ESG matters and makes recommendations to the Company’s executive leadership team on how the Company’s policies, practices and disclosures can respond to current and emerging ESG issues.

    Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics:

    • Reflects our commitment to operating in a fair, honest, responsible and ethical manner. Provides direction for reporting complaints in the event of alleged violations of our policies (including an anonymous hotline).
    • Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.

    Our Code of Vendor Conduct and Ethics:

    Our Insider Trading Policy:

    • Applies to all of our directors, officers and employees and prohibits trading or tipping based on material, non-public information regarding the Company or any of its clients.
    • Insider Trading Policy.

    Our Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy:

    Our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy:

Of Our Board Is Independent
Of Board Members identify as Racially/Ethnically Diverse or Women
members of the Audit, Compensation, and Corporate Governance & Nominating Committees are Independent
Data Security & Ethics

Protecting Your Data

Integrity is central to our relationships with employees, clients, shareholders and business partners. That’s why we adhere to the highest data and privacy standards, far beyond what is required by law. Because when it comes to your data, we understand the unspoken value of trust.


Our Commitment to Protect Global Data and Privacy

  • Compliance with global privacy and data security laws and regulations.
  • Utilize CIS CSC framework to leverage a risk-based approach in our information security program.
  • Engage with third-party vendors to audit cybersecurity controls and assess potential vulnerabilities.
  • Maintain oversight into risks and controls through the Audit Committee.
  • Require ongoing cybersecurity training for our employees.
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