Mitigate Risk & Ensure Compliance

Today’s market dynamics create increased complexities and uncertainty across organizations. As a result, boards, audit committees, senior management, and shareholders now demand a higher degree of scrutiny around strategic processes and initiatives. As leaders in this dynamic field, RGP works with leading companies all over the world to mitigate risk and ensure compliance while improving agility and productivity. We take a people-first approach to problem-solving, building strong relationships and rolling up our sleeves alongside your team to implement proven strategies.

Our holistic governance, risk and compliance methodology can help you build cost-effective, sustainable, long-term processes that achieve business goals while reducing costs and compliance support time.

With expertise in risk assessment and compliance program assessments, operationalizing compliance, controllership, and internal and external audits, RGP consultants are the experts that execute against today’s most pressing risk and compliance initiatives.

Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

The global marketplace brings an increasingly complex assortment of overlapping rules and regulations to protect consumer data. Whether you need help assessing your compliance-readiness with CCPA, ensuring regulatory compliance with FFIEC or GDPR, developing a cybersecurity road map, or creating a disaster recovery program, RGP can help you incorporate information security and privacy into existing organizational processes.

Internal Audit and Compliance

Governance Risk & Compliance from VeracityFrom detecting and deterring fraud to monitoring business operations, our customized solutions give your internal audit department flexibility to keep pace with evolving risks and regulatory demands.

Operational Risk Management

RGP’s strategic approach to operational risk management enables you to identify risks and opportunities, assess them in terms of likelihood and magnitude of impact, and then determine a response strategy and monitor progress.