Internal Audit and Compliance

Build an agile, change-ready culture of compliance

Managing compliance in the digital era is a bit like raking leaves on a blustery day—the targets are constantly moving, as regulatory winds swirl around a shifting risk and technology landscape. In this constantly evolving environment, it’s a challenge for any organization to maintain the necessary skills and talent. Like a leaf blower, automation can make the process faster and less arduous, but ultimately, compliance calls for human oversight and expertise.

RGP is an agile, human capital partner that gives your internal audit department flexibility to keep pace with evolving risks and regulatory demands. With over a decade of industry experience on average and thousands of internal audit projects under their belts, our battle-tested professionals can support you across a broad range of compliance issues, from SOX and COSO to HIPAA and PCI/DSS.

A Collaborative, Integrated Approach

Whether you’re an independent small to mid-sized company or a multibillion dollar publicly held entity, RGP gives you access to the right people with the right expertise to perform financial, operational and IT audits. We partner with your internal teams to execute the plans you develop internally or to create a customized audit program tailored for your organization’s needs.

Our Approach

Surprises are fun. Unless they’re in your external audit findings. Our multi-faceted approach to compliance enables you to build a proactive culture of compliance and to address regulatory issues before they happen. From detecting and deterring fraud to monitoring business operations, our customized internal audit solutions will meet your ever-changing needs.

Powerful, flexible and easy to implement, policyIQ enables you to manage a wide range of compliance processes in a single, web-based application. policyIQ can help you automate processes such as certifications and self-assessments and efficiently manage a wide range of initiatives, including enterprise risk, financial (SOX) and operational risk, internal controls, compliance, testing, issue management, policy management and more.

Fraud and Forensic Auditing
With experience in a wide range of analytic and investigative services we can help you get to the bottom of possible fraud, resolve complex financial disputes and handle restated financial reporting.

Quality Assurance Reviews
Prioritize audit projects and objectively assess your internal audit resources and skill levels with a top-to-bottom diagnostic review of your current internal audit function.

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Employee Spotlights

Our people make it all happen. Learn more about our collaborative, talented and diverse team.