Operational Risk Management

Mitigating risk means managing human behavior.

There’s a natural tension between risk and reward, and in a dynamic business environment, we’re constantly weighing the trade-offs. Reckless behavior can lead to fraud, financial losses and damage to your reputation. But avoiding risk at all costs can mean missing out on opportunities for innovation and growth.

RGP’s strategic approach to operational risk management enables you to identify risks and opportunities, assess them in terms of likelihood and magnitude of impact, and then determine a response strategy and monitor progress.

We understand the human side of managing risk. With 10-20 years of experience in organizations of all sizes and complexities, our consultants have led global risk initiatives and understand the challenges you face. We can help you optimize returns and minimize risks while weaving the risk management process into the fabric of your strategy and culture.

Balancing the Risk Equation with RGP

Whether you need strategic leadership or hands-on execution, RGP offers a flexible, practical approach, tailored to your organization’s needs. Our consultants work collaboratively with your team, bringing valuable insights and practical know-how to every engagement.

Recognized for our ability to bridge the gap between the theoretical and the practical, our consultants bring a balanced combination of risk and compliance, audit and operational experience, plus industry credentials including CIA, CISA, CFE, CPA, CISSP.

Five percent of revenue is lost each year to fraud with a median loss of $150K.

ACFE 2016 Report to the Nation on Occupation Fraud and Abuse

Our Approach

RGP takes a practical, holistic approach to operational risk management that integrates risk and compliance considerations into decision-making processes and compensation plans. Our multi-phased and iterative framework begins with a risk analysis that aligns to your corporate strategy, goals and risk appetite. Throughout this process, we focus on the highest priority risks, evaluate mitigation activities and refine as needed.

Fraud Risk Assessment
With experience in a wide range of industries we can help you assess your susceptibility to fraud risk scenarios, along with your controls environment, to mitigate risk and detect fraud, waste and abuse.

Third-Party Risk/Vendor Management
With increasing reliance on third parties and vendor-supplied goods and services, developing a strong controls framework for managing the risk has never been more important. We can help you with everything from setting up a vendor management program to performing vendor risk assessments and conducting customized audits to help mitigate business interruptions and provide regulatory assurance.

Business Continuity Planning/Disaster Recovery (BC/DR)
Whether you’re building your BCP/DR plan or looking to audit it, we can help. We focus on risk identification, risk mitigate controls, recovery time objectives and restoring functionality to meet business requirements.

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
Working closely with your team, we design and implement an ERM program that aligns to your organization’s strategy, objectives and risk tolerance, and develop continuous monitoring and communication tools. We also educate and empower employees to execute and maintain ERM programs to ensure long-term, sustainable success.

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