Finance and Accounting

We believe that financial solutions should do more than provide sound business data and ensure compliance. They should provide business leaders with insights that can shape the strategic direction of an organization and inform critical decisions.

Today’s finance and accounting responsibilities go far beyond operational efficiency and cost containment.

Finance leaders are becoming strategic partners to the CEO and board, with expanding opportunities to influence business planning and maximize growth and profitability. At the same time, you’re still accountable for maintaining your company’s overall financial stability and preparing for unexpected market risks.

RGP’s financial acumen runs deep, including advanced capabilities such as automation and data analytics. Working with our worldwide team of executive-level consultants, you have access to a wealth of expertise in all areas of finance and accounting, making it possible to transform operations, glean business insights, guide investment and add sustainable competitive advantages. We take the time to understand the challenges you face in today’s business environment as well as those on the horizon.

RGP crafts business-building solutions, from transactions and technical accounting to financial transformations. We can help you implement business-critical finance initiatives while transferring knowledge to expand your in-house capabilities.

Lease Accounting

RGP can help your organization prepare for the holistic adoption of the new lease accounting standards and develop an implementation plan. We have helped over 260 companies get compliant while driving business results and controlling costs.

Revenue Recognition

RGP is equipped to perform a comprehensive assessment, including a gap analysis and development of a future road map. We can also provide operational support to manage day-to-day operations and guide you through complex technical accounting issues helping you reach auditable conclusions.

Financial Operations

Working closely with senior leadership and stakeholders, we help you identify opportunities to reduce costs and accelerate cycle times while empowering your people to support strategic business objectives. Whatever the challenge or change, RGP can assist with transforming the accounting and finance function to achieve optimal performance.

Equity Administration and Accounting

There’s more to administering equity compensation than just issuing awards and grants and tracking those awards on a spreadsheet. No matter how large your company, or whether it’s public or private, equity administration cuts across business areas and requires specialized knowledge.

Tax Services/Support

RGP provides tax support to many Fortune 500 tax departments, streamlining tax provision and compliance processes for Federal and State Income taxes and SALT, as well as sharing expertise on issues such as foreign tax credit and transfer pricing, and robotic processing for the tax lifecycle.

Employee Spotlights

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