Revenue Recognition

Combining competence and speed to changing regulations.

Revenue recognition can place a strain on resources competing against time constraints. Our people excel at moving fast by moving smart.

The technically complex revenue recognition standards (ASC 606 and IFRS 15) are no longer industry-specific and significantly changes revenue recognition from previous GAAP. Even companies that did not expect drastic changes to the amount and timing of revenue recognition experienced necessary changes in documentation and information systems to track new data requirements and support the additional disclosures, estimates and increased use of management judgment.

Our Revenue Recognition Project Office helps make our clients achieve business and personal success by focusing on the following areas:

Productivity: maintains resource focus on, and commitment to, the project’s successful completion

Visibility: provides a communication nexus and the most current version of constantly-evolving deliverables

Objectivity: seeks and defines implementable solutions that are in the best interests of our client

Consistency: ensures proper utilization of tools and templates to develop and provide deliverables

Timeliness: guides project team, stakeholders, and users to complete project objectives in a timely fashion

Transition: transfers deliverables and knowledge to the client throughout the project

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