Transforming Finance & Accounting

Our Finance Transformation solutions help you and your team to streamline, automate or eliminate activities, standardize processes, and adopt or enhance business systems. We work closely with senior leadership and stakeholders to understand your environment, business needs and current practices. With this insight, we uncover root causes and recommend industry-leading practices to design, develop and deploy target operating models built for efficiency and effectiveness, optimizing systems and processes to transform your finance function.

Optimizing Processes and Organizational Structure

Evaluating end-to-end processes for efficiency and effectiveness is a critical step in ensuring your finance function performs optimally. We identify bottlenecks, uncover system and process gaps, and incorporate leading practices, including:

  • Revenue cycle (order to cash)
  • Spend cycle (procure to pay)
  • Reporting cycle (record to report)
  • And others

If you haven’t examined your target operating model recently, our advisors can lead you from visioning through design and execution to ensure your financial function is optimized.

Our Process Operational Excellence Framework

Our Process Operational Excellence Framework enables us to diagnose the right mix of process improvement and technology enablement, not just propose a one-size-fits-all solution.

Our Process Operational Excellence Framework

  • Diagnose your business processes against RGP’s best practice value accelerators, quantify money on the table, and agree on a roadmap to capture it.
  • Standardize, streamline and enhance your business process operations to deliver cost, revenue, spend and cash flow improvement while increasing business agility, productivity, efficiency and risk management.
  • Improve automation ROI by assessing automation readiness and leveraging our leading process technology partnerships that offer selective process automation or a hyperautomation roadmap to touchless processes.

Self-Assessment Survey & Benchmark Exercise

Our complimentary self-assessment survey and benchmark exercise enables you to diagnose and quantify your process improvement priorities, clarify your needs, and build a business case for a process diagnostic.

Request your free assessment (an initial discovery call is required).

Rapid Process Diagnostic

Over four to six weeks, we conduct a process maturity assessment, quantify the potential for improvements, and develop a business value-led roadmap to deliver them. Our structured methodology compares your process against more than 200 best practice value accelerators across the six dimensions of our Operational Excellence Framework.

Best Practice Process Improvement

Based on the roadmap for process improvements, solution design and implementation is staged to start with quick wins and proof of value to build transformation momentum and refine the business case for implementation of longer term improvements.  mature the business case to progress.

Automation-Driven Process Improvement

Based on our framework, RGP identifies high-priority automation opportunities for your business process and potential process technology partners. We bridge the gap between business process owners and technology providers to implement standard/pre-deployed automation and AI/ML technologies as well as pre-configured/out-of-the box technologies that address specific areas of process automation.

Hyperautomation-Driven Process Improvement

Automation solutions can be added, scaled and integrated to achieve hyperautomation. This provides an orchestration layer that integrates with your existing technologies, enabling end-to-end automation and information flow. It also provides low code/no-code automation capabilities as well as a digital cockpit and data query engine that enables real-time insight and intervention.