Finance Transformation

Automate routine tasks, organize for success and drive business insights through automation and analytics.

More than ever before, finance leaders feel the full weight of pressure to reduce overhead costs while also delivering bottom-line value. Improving operational efficiency is critical and a good first step in the transformation journey, but it doesn’t stop there. Today’s finance leaders are also asked to deliver valuable business insights, using a combination of financial and operations information, combined with data analytics.

Our Finance Transformation solutions help you and your team to streamline, automate or eliminate activities, standardize processes, and adopt or enhance business systems. We work closely with senior leadership and stakeholders to understand your environment, business needs and current practices. With this insight, we uncover root causes and recommend industry-leading practices to design, develop and deploy target operating models built for efficiency and effectiveness, optimizing systems and processes to transform your finance function.

Optimizing Processes and Organizational Structure

Evaluating end-to-end processes for efficiency and effectiveness is a critical step in ensuring your finance function performs optimally. We identify bottlenecks, uncover system and process gaps, and incorporate leading practices, including:

  • Revenue cycle (order to cash)
  • Spend cycle (procure to pay)
  • Reporting cycle (record to report)
  • And others

If you haven’t examined your target operating model recently, our advisors can lead you from visioning through design and execution to ensure your financial function is optimized.

Automating Transactional Processes

Some finance transformations are revolutionary, representing a complete metamorphosis of how the finance organization operates. Others are more evolutionary, taking shape gradually and pragmatically. A logical first step is to automate as much of your transactional work as possible, liberating your workforce from mundane but necessary work.

Driving Business Insights

Our data scientists employ leading tools such as Alteryx to help turn your data into insights and your insights into revenue.

Technology Enablement

With a host of technology tools supporting finance and accounting operations, from ERP to reporting and closing to analytics software, we can define business requirements and help you select the technology that’s right for you. Moreover, our proven project management techniques can help you support the implementation of those tools to enhance productivity and performance.

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