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Accelerate and sustain transformational change.

The pace of change only continues to accelerate, yet organizations struggle to achieve the expected value from change initiatives. Often, it’s because of people-related impacts: employee resistance, inadequate sponsorship, unrealistic expectations and insufficient skills. Effective change management mitigates these risks and increases the probability of your transformation’s success by a factor of 6X.

Leading Transformations and Building Change Agility

Whether you’re managing a merger or acquisition, digital transformation or evolving workforce, organizational change is a given for today’s business leaders. In fact, nearly three-quarters of companies are implementing or planning for major transformations.

Change management is critical for these initiatives to succeed and deliver the anticipated benefits. Because even the best project plan will fail if your people do not accept and adopt the changes.

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RGP Return On Change™ Framework

Why invest in a major change initiative without investing in effective change management? RGP’s Return on Change™ Framework provides a proven approach to successfully implement and realize the benefits of transformation.

Our clients also benefit from our strategic partnership with Kotter, which helps businesses drive and sustain change through a 90-day alignment and accelerator framework.


Supporting Your Organization’s Change Journey

Current State

  • Unready For Future
  • Organizational disruptions
  • Need for change


  • Leadership Alignment
  • Coordinated Launch
  • Communication Strategy


  • Test & refine
  • Training & Skill Building
  • Coaching


  • Business adoption
  • Positioned for growth
  • Embedded change agility

Our Change Management Services

Building Change Capability (COE)

Developing the ability to manage change across your organization is a primary factor in achieving successful project implementations. We can help you build and enhance these capabilities, equipping you with the organizational structure, processes and playbook you need to accelerate and sustain change.

Coaching and Readiness for Change Leadership

We train leaders and managers to “lead from the front” by role modeling the change behaviors needed to work successfully in the future state. This includes leader action planning, sponsor and leader alignment, and providing managers with future state scenarios to ready their workforce.

Organization Design and Development

We design and develop the future organization needed to support your business strategy. This includes the structure and employment models, reporting relationships, required skills and competencies, and the shared values and behaviors to optimize how people drive and support strategic priorities.

Communications Planning and Execution

Planning and executing communications supports your change initiatives by driving awareness, understanding and, ultimately, buy-in to the new ways of working. The communications plan supports the “who, what, when, why and how’” for specific artifacts, such as videos, portal and newsletters, which will be developed and deployed to people impacted by the change initiative.

Training, Planning and Instructional Design

Sustainable change acceptance and adoption depends on providing the training impacted users need to develop enough proficiency to work successfully in the future state. This includes:

  • Curricula, such as eLearning, virtual instructor-led, learning portal and job aids
  • Approach for training end users, such as train-the-trainer, as well as training logistics and schedule
  • Performance support to help users stay productive when they have questions post-implementation

Managing Change for New Systems and Processes

To ready and sustain all users who are impacted by new system(s) and process implementation, you need the right strategy, plan, approach and deliverables. This includes assessing impacted stakeholders and capturing change impacts as well as change readiness activities and support for adopting the new ways of working.

Culture Assessment and Improvement

After assessing your organizational culture, we identify gaps and opportunities and implement improvements to support the desired new ways of working, aligned to the business strategy. This includes surveys, stakeholder interviews and focus groups, and desired leader and workforce behavioral changes to enable the desired culture.

Change Management Measurement and Metrics

We identify the appropriate criteria at the beginning of an initiative and then measure it at regular intervals to determine success from a people and organizational perspective. Metrics include:

  • Organizational: such as alignment of leader actions to organizational readiness
  • Project: such as employee productivity improvements
  • Individual: such as training completion and assessment

Building Your Organizational Change Muscle Through Communication and Training

We’ve helped hundreds of clients increase technology adoption, improve processes and develop high-performing teams. Partnering with our clients, we create leading-edge, multimedia-rich, intuitive communication and training programs that are memorable and measurable.

We Can Help

Our full-service training approach complements Return on Change™ and encompasses strategic communications, cutting-edge technology and process solutions. We can help:

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