Change Management

Accelerating and Sustaining Change

Designed to achieve your Return on ChangeTM (ROC) investment. Over the past 5 years, RGP has delivered more than 1,000 Change Management engagements with 500+ clients.

Return on Change

Companies turn to RGP for success in leading change initiatives, building change agility and our flexible and pragmatic approach to design or enhance your change muscle.

We Help Humans on Their Change Journey


Now, let’s focus on Training and Learning

Having your people fully commit to learning something new can be challenging. Add a constantly changing environment; continuous and ongoing integration of new hires, enabling your sales team to grow your customer base, and all other business pressures…Full adoption can feel unattainable.

The solution to these challenges does not rest solely within the technology, the metrics, the messaging or even with the team’s manager, but in the thoughtful coordination and collaboration of these different pieces. We have helped hundreds of clients increase technology adoption, improve processes, and develop high-performing teams. Partnering with our clients, we create leading-edge, multimedia-rich, intuitive communication and training programs that are memorable and measurable.


We can help. Our full-service training approach complements Return on Change™ and encompasses strategic communications, cutting-edge technology and process solutions. We can help:

  • Increase the adoption of critical business systems
  • Onboard and orient new employees more efficiently and effectively
  • Build technical and soft skills of salespeople
  • Develop successful leaders with best-in-class tools and strategies
  • Ensure strategic communications are impactful and effective
  • Our goal is to find the best solution, custom-fit to your needs.

Employee Spotlights

Our people make it all happen. Learn more about our collaborative, talented and diverse team.