Business Agility

Rapidly adapt to market changes in a complex, digital world.

Agile is more than a framework—it’s a mindset embodied in a culture of relentless improvement, continuous learning, collaboration and the pursuit of delivering value.

Now, more than ever, Agile approaches are being embraced beyond IT and software development to help organizations become nimbler and more responsive to customer needs and expectations.

Organizations investing in agility benefit from faster time to market, reduced costs and improved employee satisfaction. And in this age of constant market disruption, Business Agility can mean the difference between surviving—and thriving.

Impact of Agile Transformation

  • 35% increase in productivity
  • 50% faster time-to-market
  • 50% fewer defects and quality issues
  • 30% more satisfied, motivated employees

* Typical results reported by SAFe enterprises

Passion for the Agile Journey

Agility requires breaking barriers, removing silos and establishing a new way of working. Our Agile leaders can set you up for success with building the strategy, managing the change and establishing the growth culture.

Agile Transformation
Our skilled Agilists can support you from strategy to design and preparation to execution. Our coaches, Scrum Masters, and DevOps experts will enable your organization at the enterprise, division or team level to deliver the lasting, value-added changes needed to meet rapidly changing market needs.

Agile Workforce Framework
Prepare an Agile-ready organization to attract and retain key talent, build nimble organizations and optimize a blended workforce.

Agile Change Management
The journey to agility requires changing many roles, culture and the way people work. Our change management for Agile helps develop the skills, teaming and leadership to accelerate and anchor Agile throughout your organization.

Support for Wherever You Are in the Journey

Taking advantage of our consultants’ deep business, technical and agility experience, we develop a customized approach to support your specific needs, not a one-size-fits-all, prescriptive solution. Whether leading an enterprise Agile transformation strategy, partnering to implement SAFe—or anywhere in between—we provide Business Agility services in four primary ways.

Initiation and Roadmap: Not sure where to start? We’ll help you define the strategic path to achieve your near-term and long-term business objectives and ensure a successful Agile journey.

Scale and Expansion: We can help you realize the full benefits of agility by developing high-performance teams, implementing Lean Budgeting or helping you scale. Wherever you are in the Agile journey, we can help you make the next big leap.

Optimization: To ensure you get the full value for your Agile transformation, our change professionals can help you successfully evolve to a growth mindset and establish the high-performing team culture and leadership style needed for Agile to thrive.

Support: Need help finding experienced resources? Our network of Agile experts can help you optimize your initiative through coaching, provide specialized Agile resources, or fill gaps in your delivery teams.

Employee Spotlights

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