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Herb Mueller

Herb Mueller

As Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, I am responsible for the administrative, financial and risk management operations of the company. I lead the interaction between RGP and the investment community, including outlining plans for building long-term value for the Company, and leading RGP’s corporate development efforts.


Tell us a little bit about your career journey before joining RGP.
Prior to joining RGP, I served as a CFO for both public and private companies in the service and manufacturing industries. I had direct responsibility for finance & accounting, information technology, supply chain, human resources, mergers & acquisitions and customer service. I have a first-hand understanding of the issues that today’s executives face in a difficult business environment and I have utilized my broad experience base and business acumen to deliver solutions to clients. I decided to join RGP in 2012 because my number one objective criteria for the perfect job was working with really great people. I really liked everyone I met in the interview process and was willing to make a career change to achieve that objective.

I studied nuclear and industrial engineering at Georgia Tech and later received a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Columbus State University. I later received my CPA (inactive).

Goals and Inspirations

What inspires you?
Working with great people.

What is a goal you have your eyes set on?
My goal is to help RGP reach $1 Billion in Revenue.

What does success in your role look like?
$1 Billion in Revenue!!!!

A Day in the Life

What was your best day at work at RGP?
Every day at RGP is pretty great.

What accomplishment makes you most proud since joining RGP?
I am proud to see the positive growth at RGP.

Share your favorite client success story.
Successfully placing a consultant after I was told she was too high-level for our model. I really believed that if we could place her, she would be a star. Our client decided to bring her in as a consultant first, then converted her to a permanent employee after nine months. She has proven to be a significant client ever since then.


At RGP we bring a human-first approach. What does that mean to you?
This means that people come first. It’s important to treat people the right way and help them develop and learn new skills.

How do the RGP values (Loyalty, Integrity, Focus, Enthusiasm, Accountability and Talent) shape how you approach your role?
The RGP values are fundamental in everything I do. These are values that are core to my being who I am, and I enjoy working at a place that embraces them.

YOU beyond RGP

How do you spend your time outside of work?
Outside of work you can usually find me reading, walking around with my camera, or playing tennis when time permits.

Name three words that describe you.
Intense, competitive, learner

Do you have any skills or secret talents that most people don’t know about?
I enjoy photography and was a chess nerd when I was in my early teens before I realized that women were not into that.

What charities or social causes are you passionate about?
I am passionate about Cancer research and education. I am also a member of Cal State Fullerton’s SEC conference board.

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