Future-Ready Finance: Transforming for Growth

Learn how automating financial close processes can free your team to focus on strategic work—setting your business up for success in 2022 and beyond.

“If you’re relying on paper evidence and approvals, it’s probably having a significant impact on your team’s productivity… and morale.”

Andy Jones VP, Finance Transformation, RGP



Unlock the Power of Human with Technology

Mid- and large-sized organizations are increasingly looking to automate transactional work and manual processes, shifting internal resources to focus on generating value.

Increases in efficiency and accuracy achieved with automation can accelerate time to close, improve productivity and morale, and provide a rapid return on investment.

Discover how RGP can help you transform your organization for growth—with leading cloud-based solutions, strategic planning expertise, and execution support for all your finance and accounting initiatives.

Make the Shift to Automated Finance & Accounting

Accounting automation can reduce audit time for Healthcare F&A teams by as much as 400 hours and manual journal entries by 36%. In this whitepaper from RGP and BlackLine, we break down the challenges and opportunities, focusing on high-impact areas for automation, including.

  • Revenue cycle management
  • High-volume transaction reconciliation
  • Manual journal entries

Read how a leading educational, research and clinical healthcare institution was able to eliminate 90% of reconciliation spreadsheets used in the close, improving efficiencies and controls, while mitigating risk and reducing errors.

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Deliver Deeper Insights for Your 2022 Forecast

Transforming F&A processes enables you to expand your focus from cost and efficiency to providing business insight through analysis of financial and operational data. Learn how in this article by Janis Parthun.

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How to Avoid the Pitfalls of 'One and Done'

The real measure of finance transformation success isn’t how much you saved on implementation, but the outcomes you achieved as a result. Learn how to select the right KPIs in this article, “Avoiding the Pitfalls of ‘One and Done’ Implementation.”

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Finance Transformation

Delivering the Change You Need to Supercharge Performance

Finance transformation can help your team shift from a model focused on efficiency to one focused on gaining the insights required to drive your business forward. By aligning the right people, processes and technologies RGP empowers your team to support strategic business objectives while reducing costs and accelerating cycle times.

Transformation Advisory

Lean on RGP for end-to-end support in developing and executing your transformation strategy. From visioning the "art-of-the-possible" to defining an optimal operating model—we’ve got your back.

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Technology Enablement

Leverage the experience of our experts to get the most value from your financial systems, avoid costly mistakes and increase your competitiveness. We’ll work with you to select, implement and support the operational side of your business from ERPs and other cloud-based systems to RPA.

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Process Optimization

Let our financial leaders help you evaluate and optimize business processes, develop and execute on a roadmap, advise on lifecycles and accelerate closes. We identify bottlenecks, uncover system and process gaps, and incorporate leading practices.

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Reporting, Data & Analytics

Turn business data into human insight and impact. RGP partners with you to analyze, manage and govern your data—unlocking the potential of your data assets and systems. We bring practical know-how and human insight to every facet of performance management and data analytics.

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Public Readiness - IPO/SPAC Services

Learn how to successfully transition from going public to being public. Our experts are here to support you on your public readiness journey, from full-lifecycle assessment through execution and ad hoc needs.

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Finance Transformation Starts with People

People don’t join your team to shuffle paper, they do it to add value. Learn how finance transformation can help you attract top talent, fuel productivity and morale.

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Change Management & Automation Success

Transformation and change go hand-in-hand. Discover the roles organizational alignment, design thinking and employee engagement play in successful automation initiatives.

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RPA Is a Must-Have for Forward-Thinking CFOs

Business is evolving at a breathtaking pace. Read how automation is helping CFOs rapidly optimize operations and deliver valuable business insights.

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Professional-Chartered Accountant Woman looking at a computer screen with a spreadsheet of numbers
Building Healthcare Bottom Lines with Rev Cycle Analytics

Healthcare providers may have more coins in their proverbial couch than they think. Discover how new analytic tools are improving rev cycles and improving ROI.

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Quick Wins to Optimize Your F&A Processes

Thanks to COVID-19 and the ensuing economic challenges, many organizations were forced to downsize and slash budgets. In this Q&A, RGP VP of Finance Transformation Andy Jones shares his advice for improving your finance and accounting processes—so your workforce can focus on delivering insight and value back to the business.

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Healthcare Insight
Fixing Healthcare Provider’s Work-from-Home Revenue Losses

At the center of the COVID-19 storm, most healthcare providers generally did an exemplary job transitioning operations from on-premises to work-from-home. But that may have been the easy part.

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A Finance Career at RGP

Our clients are increasingly looking to automate transactional work and manual processes, shifting internal resources to focus on generating value. We believe our consultants are the key to increasing efficiency and accuracy.


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