Finance Automation Should Start with People, Says RGP CFO Jenn Ryu

June 24, 2021
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In a special report on financial automation from, RGP CFO Jenn Ryu describes the steps she took to upgrade the company’s financial and accounting systems, saying the moves were key not only to helping RGP operate more efficiently, but also to attracting top financial talent.

In the article—which also quotes F&A executives at KPMG, PWC, BlackLine and other organizations—Jenn said she began her tenure at RGP with an overhaul of the company’s two-decade-old ERP system, investing in best-in-breed technology for accounts payable and other functions.

She later deployed other solutions, including Bank of America’s Cash Flow Monitor to offer real-time snapshots of the company’s invoice-to-payment cash flow as well as a cloud-based BlackLine platform for account reconciliations and other functions such as improving auditing and better analytics.

The results were clear: greater efficiency, speedier transactions and more data-driven analytics. “When other CFOs struggled with their projections,” she says, “I had visibility into our financial data to create a baseline forecast.”

Younger people expect to come into F&A and immediately do value-added work; nobody just wants to shuffle paper.

Jenn adds that F&A professionals also need to think big picture, especially in a job market where talent has more options than ever. “The user experience is paramount,” she says. “Younger people expect to come into F&A and immediately do value-added work; nobody just wants to shuffle paper. They want interesting assignments and opportunities to learn and help clients solve their problems. If you don’t provide these opportunities, some other firm will.” is a part of the Chief Executive Group, publishers of Chief Executive and Corporate Board Member, both founded in 1977.


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