Charting an Agile Path to Going Public

There’s more than one way to access public capital, but regardless of the path you choose, a solid readiness plan is essential. RGP can help you look beyond the hype and see what’s really involved in becoming a public company.

“The true rigor of SPACs and IPOs is not always talked about. It's a lot tougher than it seems.”

Carlos Mendes VP, Advisory Market Leader

Thinking about going public?

We’ve supported more than 100 companies on their public readiness journey, from full-lifecycle assessment through execution to ad hoc needs. And we have the experience to work alongside your team, external auditors, SEC legal counsel and other service providers.

An initial public offering—or IPOs—is the traditional route where a company offers its shares of capital stock to the general public for the first time. The process to plan and execute an IPO transaction typically ranges from 12 to 18 months.

Special purpose acquisition companies—or SPACs—offer private companies a faster path to public capital, but this approach also requires an accelerated timeline. See what’s involved and learn how RGP can help you successfully transition from going public to being public.

6 Steps to a Successful Takeoff

Whether planning to seek public capital via a traditional IPO or SPAC, learn how to prepare your organization for meteoric growth.

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Ready. Set. Go Public.

Plan for a successful launch with public readiness solutions from RGP.

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Our Core Services

Public Readiness Capabilities

Whether you’re pursuing a SPAC transaction or traditional IPO, our team brings the deep experience and cross-functional expertise needed to get your company public-ready for Day 1—and beyond.

Public Readiness

From readiness to post-launch, we bring an efficient, holistic approach to help you successfully make your move. Our approach prioritizes key milestones and readiness activities, with less time spent on robust, detailed work plans.

Public Readiness Assessment: Evaluate key functional areas for public company requirements and identify gaps.

Public Readiness Management Office: Develop a framework for project execution and facilitate development of functional plans and cross-functional alignment.

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Financial Accounting and Reporting Preparation

Assess data, financial reporting and accounting policies for SPAC/IPO readiness and prepare S-X-compliant financial statements.

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Internal Audit and SOX Compliance

Conduct risk assessment and evaluate existing organizational structure to identify SOX compliance roadmap and risk areas for remediation. Document processes and define controls for testing.

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Equity Administration and Accounting

Design and implement equity accounting processes and stock plan administration.

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Tax Services

Support corporate tax readiness, including SEC reporting and other Day 1 compliance requirements, and help stand up your tax department.

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Systems/Data Readiness

Support new system selection/implementation or adjustments to existing systems and cleanup of financial data.

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Change Management

Develop and execute communications plan and prepare training.

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Meet Our Team

Dr. Danielle Cordry
VP, Advisory & Project Services
Vicky Fang
Carlos Mendes
Bryan Sinclair
SPAC & Public Readiness Checklist

Considering a SPAC? This 3-step stress test can help determine whether you have the required accounting, compliance and corporate governance in place.

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New Status Means New Messaging

Are you ready to hit the ground running when your company goes public in a SPAC transaction? See how the right communications can make or break your transition.

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SPACs May Be Coming Back to Earth

For private companies looking to go public, SPACs can be a great opportunity to access additional capital—yet only if done right. Here's what you need to know.

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Ready to transition from going public to being public?
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