Data and Analytics

Turn business data into human insight—and impact.

In a digital economy powered by cloud computing, smart devices, chatbots and AI, data has been called “the new oil.” It can unlock opportunities for true business transformations including next-generation customer experiences, greater operational efficiency and new revenue streams. But to fuel business value, people must be able to easily access, interpret and act on the soaring volume of data. With the global datasphere rapidly approaching more than 100 zettabytes, those opportunities are often elusive.

RGP partners with mid-size companies to some of the world’s largest organizations to analyze, manage and govern their enterprise data. We combine our expertise with your insight to help you create a data-driven culture with high business impact.

Make the Most of Your Data with RGP

RGP brings practical know-how and human insight to every facet of data analytics and management. We work the way you work, collaborating with your business and technology teams to unlock the potential of your data assets and systems.

Our Approach

Our experienced consultants provide valuable skills and insights to help drive engagements in strategy, execution and oversight of enterprise data. We work with you to create a practical solution, optimized for your business needs, from developing data strategies and roadmaps to implementing data management and governance programs.

Analytics & Business Intelligence
Transform your organization’s data into actionable insights to improve performance, drive growth, and support continuous innovation. RGP partners with businesses to develop powerful analytics solutions and foster a culture that puts data at the center of business operations. We’ll help you harness data’s value to identify business opportunities, distribute information to those who need it, when they need it and enable innovation through improved insights.

Data Governance
Take control of your data with an effective governance program that establishes decision-making and authority over enterprise data. With a solid governance foundation in place, you’re able to improve decision-making, increase process efficiency, facilitate legal, regulatory and policy compliance, and more.

Data Management
Ensure that business-critical information is accurate, accessible, consistent and reliable. RGP can help you plan, implement and maintain an effective Data Management program, building standard, repeatable processes that ensure transparency, protect the needs of data stakeholders, and reduce operational friction and costs.

“I was skeptical of the need for an analytics hypothesis workshop but [RGP] really got us thinking outside our traditional boundaries. It is obvious [they] have done this many times before.”

COO, National Retailer

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