Scott Alexander

Senior Director, Data & Analytics

Years' Experience

Passionate about discovering hidden patterns in data and predicting outcomes as well as finding new ways to empower non-technical end users to discover data insights on their own to achieve their goals. Expert in data and analytics strategy, data integration design and architecture, and large data transformation leadership.

Scott’s Perspective

Artificial intelligence and machine learning and technologies such as generative AI will fundamentally change the way knowledge workers interact with data of all types across all industries. 

More About Scott

Focused on extracting value from enterprise data for some of the world’s largest consulting firms and global clients, Scott has led strategic data transformation programs centered around cloud data warehousing, advanced analytics, and operational efficiency efforts across multiple industries including oil & gas, consumer goods and services, and manufacturing and industrial as well as automotive.

Scott says his passion for finding value in data can be traced back to working in procurement years ago. “The absence of data needed to do the job effectively was a problem I spent most of my time trying to solve — a challenge that prompted me to change my career focus to IT and data.”

Now, as the speed of change and innovation accelerates and becomes more complex, crucial, “bet the company” decisions need to be made in days, not months or years. Having the agility to pivot quickly is critical for survival. And embracing diversity is essential to attract and retain the key talent needed to be a relevant company today and tomorrow.

In spite of the complexity of today’s technology and data landscape, Scott brings three core values to work every day: 1) Keep it simple and realistic, 2) Focus on value and results by creating and leading high-performance teams, and 3) Roll your sleeves up and lead by doing.

3 Questions

What sort of disruption has happened in your career that has spurred personal and professional growth?

The introduction of cloud computing and massively large-scale databases have enabled cost-effective solutions that were previously not possible. Discoveries of medicines and other scientific breakthroughs based on this have had generational impacts on the quality and convenience of everyday life.

What does human agility mean to you?

Being able to adapt to the current environment whether it be the people you work with, the ways in which you work and live, or the beliefs that you hold.

What excites you the most when you think about the future of work? Why?

Endless possibilities for work-life balance. The advances in technologies, specifically automation of knowledge-based tasks, coupled with remote work create a new way of working and being more productive while balancing one's mental and physical health.


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