Margaret Zweifel

VP, Business Transformation, Change Management and HR Services

Years' Experience

I am an experienced change management, HR services and business agility expert.

Margaret’s Perspective

The biggest disruptor to 'the workplace of the future' is the pandemic. Organizations had to become agile, creative and innovative—and work significantly different than they ever did. The workplace will continue to evolve. Human and business agility will be key to their success.

More About Margaret

Margaret is passionate about business transformation and helping clients and their employees in their journey to achieve business goals and their next level of maturity. She’s also a frequent commentator on individual and employee behavior and performance and the future of the workplace.

A keen hiker, cyclist and runner, Margaret lives in Chicago and enthusiastically seeks outdoor adventures.

3 Questions

What sort of disruption has happened in your career that has spurred personal and professional growth?

I started off in technology and quickly saw the adoption issues as new technology was implemented. This inspired my decision to change my career to change management, HR and organizational psychology so I could assist the people side of change.

What does human agility mean to you?

Human agility is the ability to adapt and evolve as planned and unpredictable change happens. Our personal and business world evolves around us, and we have to continually manage at the speed of change. Adaptability and agility must be our first and middle name.

What excites you the most when you think about the future of work? Why?

The endless possibilities of what it will look like, defining new roles that do not exist now, and how leaders today build stronger and more agile organizations for the future.

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