Enlightened Leadership Powers a Transformative Deal

March 11, 2020
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Client: A U.S.-based utility company

Our client was acquiring a municipally-owned competitor in a $1 billion deal. They required an experienced integration team that could lead the functional workstreams. This was our client’s first acquisition and they had limited experience in project management and projects of this size. RGP provided a team that fit culturally with both companies while bringing thought leadership to the integration strategy.

What We Did

  • Partnered with the Integration Management Office and provided a trusted IMO advisor to offer strategic guidance, road mapping of upcoming events and key dates, and facilitate communication among key stakeholders.
  • Managed 14 workstreams with a team of 10 integration managers who had complementary skills and experience in each of the workstreams.
  • Facilitated a planning workshop for all workstreams, where teams confirmed functional priorities and key milestones, and highlighted cross-functional dependencies.


  • Infused industry-proven integration program and project management best practices and tools into our client’s culture.
  • Drove successful buy-in and approval from the steering committee, board and municipality for 14 workstream project plans, budget forecasts and overall integration plan.
  • Stood up and integrated a Change Management team to drive the strategy and execution of communication, coaching and training plans at every stage of the transaction.
  • Established executive visibility with an IMO advisor for key integration risks, issues, dependencies, timeline and decisions for the IMO team.

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