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The volume of critical enterprise transformation initiatives has surged since 2020. Yet, it’s become dramatically more challenging to successfully execute those projects—with only 15% of companies achieving key goals.

“If you don’t have a very strong project capability, you cannot keep up with your peers.”

Medical Devices Executive


Find it more difficult to achieve project goals


consistently meet project goals

Overcoming the Execution Challenges of Mission-Critical Projects

To better understand the challenges, we surveyed senior executives across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific in four global industries.

Download the report to learn what project execution leaders are doing differently—and how your organization can join their ranks.

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5 Key Findings: Managing Hybrid and Diverse Project Teams

  • Managing hybrid teams is the No. 1 factor increasing the difficulty of executing critical projects.
  • Organizationally diverse teams—those whose members are from multiple organizations—are on the rise and are the second largest factor increasing project difficulty.
  • Excellent project managers create a competitive advantage.
  • Strong project leadership, hybrid team management and great collaboration tools are critical to project success 
  • Having a higher-than-average number of project team members from consulting and staffing organizations vs. independent contractors correlates with greater project success.

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Does project execution success translate into greater company success?

Our research answered this question with a resounding yes. Project Execution Leaders experienced much greater capital market success between 2017 and today than Project Execution Laggards.

Leaders’ average market capitalization grew an average 63% over a five-year period (Jan. 2, 2017 to Oct. 25, 2022). The market cap of the Project Execution Laggards declined an average 24% over that period.

5- Year Market Cap

"The biggest challenges today, by far, are managing the hybrid team with both remote and office workers and managing organizationally diverse teams. But if you get them right, they’re also the greatest competitive advantages."

– RGP CEO Kate Duchene

Supporting Successful Project Execution

Among our other key research findings: Strong project leadership, hybrid team management and great collaboration tools are critical to project success. RGP brings deep expertise in these areas and can help you successfully execute mission-critical transformations, regardless of who’s on your project teams and how or where they work.

Through our agile professional services model, we bring together the right people with the right expertise across multiple disciplines to co-deliver your most important initiatives.

Learn more about our capabilities.

Project Management

Ensure projects get completed on-time, on-budget and within scope, with experienced, results-oriented project managers.

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Program Management Office

Gain operational efficiencies and increase value from your strategic initiative investments by aligning projects into programs and programs into portfolios. A successful PMO establishes a strong governance structure for synchronized execution.

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Project Portfolio Management

Drive your corporate strategy while making the most of time, funding and resources by prioritizing initiatives based on their expected value. Project Portfolio Management enables you to map projects and programs in your portfolio to strategic pillars while optimizing project delivery. This provides a holistic view of your entire portfolio and becomes the basis for defining measurable strategic success objectives.

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Project Management Framework

Our PMF powers a robust, holistic approach based on industry-leading practices and significant hands-on experience. This framework provides a standardized set of processes, tools and templates to help ensure successful delivery while minimizing risk at every phase of the project. We’ve also combined our PMF with best-in-class, customizable, cloud-enabled software, speeding time-to-delivery of critical programs and projects, while providing deeper insight into portfolios.

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Agile Transformation

Many organizations are adopting an Agile approach to program and project management. Through constant iteration, collaboration and learning, they’re able to nimbly respond to changing conditions and achieve faster time to market, reduce costs and improve employee and customer satisfaction. Wherever you are in your Agile transformation journey, our team of skilled Agilists can support you, from strategy to design and preparation to execution.

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Change Management

Change management is critical for mission-critical transformation initiatives to succeed and deliver the anticipated benefits. RGP’s Return on Change™ Framework provides a proven approach to successfully implement and realize the benefits of transformation. We've helped more than 500 clients achieve sustainable success with more than 1,000 change initiatives.

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Digital Workplace Experience

Strong digital collaboration tools make it easier for hybrid and diverse teams to work together from anywhere. Veracity, an RGP company, can help you optimize your digital workplace experience to enable seamless, successful project execution.

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Global Media Giant Transforms to Power Growth

Learn how we helped a $60 billion global mass media and entertainment conglomerate transform enterprise technology project management to enable growth.

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Why It’s Time to Evolve the PMO

Transformations are complex, messy and emotionally draining. That’s why it’s time to reevaluate the traditional role of the Program Management Office (PMO).

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Executing a Full-scale Cloud ERP Transformation

RGP enabled a prominent technology nonprofit organization to deliver a complex finance transformation, including several large initiatives and multiple systems.

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Digital Project Management Powers SPAC Success

Proven digital framework and deep domain expertise enabled our client to successfully close their SPAC transaction and go public in only six months.

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10 Success Factors for Cloud ERP Migration

Less than 50% cloud ERP implementations succeed. Here are 10 of the most common areas where these projects fall short—and how you can ensure success.

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Agile Approach Helps Scale Digital Finance Transformation

An Agile approach to digital finance transformation enables global teams to optimize operations to respond to disruption and deliver business value faster.

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