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Give stakeholders and investors assurance and confidence that internal controls are functioning efficiently and effectively with an RPA-based framework for controls assurance, internal audits and SOX testing.

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Empower Internal Audit Teams with RPA

RGP PowerAudit gives audit teams superhuman capabilities, harnessing the power of bots, the cloud, and a standardized framework to decrease costs, eliminate errors and reduce risk.

Smart Automation

PowerAudit uses a customizable three bot model to gather, validate and report on data—enabling your team members to focus on the high-value tasks that humans do best.

Confident Control

Our plug-and-play bots work 24x7 on a secure cloud, continuously-monitoring and sampling 100% of your data following a standardized process with a built-in audit trail for accuracy.

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Powerful Savings

With the bots doing your bidding, your team can spend less time on busy work and more time working on strategic deliverables—creating powerful cost efficiencies.

Robot-Powered. Human-Driven.

Learn more about how you can decrease costs, eliminate errors and reduce risk with PowerAuditTM.

PowerAudit Solution Brief

Discover how RGP helps finance and accounting leaders manage risk and compliance, fueling agile operations.

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