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Closing the Books on the First Financial Close of the Pandemic

The financial close is a stressful time, even under ordinary circumstances. Getting through it in the midst of a pandemic—with everyone working remotely—would have been unimaginable. Now that we’ve done it a few times, what have we learned? And how can you be better prepared for next time?

Digital Ethics & Privacy: Doing the Right Thing with Data

From repurposing robots to help hospitals care for patients to mobilizing support for a virtual workforce, businesses have quickly transformed their operations to contain the spread of COVID-19. But many worry these actions could have the unintended side effect of sidelining privacy and data protection.

What We’ve Learned So Far:
10 Key Insights for Thriving During a Pandemic

Over the last few months, we’ve all learned a lot about overcoming the perils and pitfalls of a global pandemic. Now, as we transition from our early-crisis response and begin to reimagine what comes next, it’s worth reflecting on lessons learned—and how they can help us build a more resilient future.

Supporting Your Workforce in a Post-COVID World

The concept of “business as usual” might seem like a quaint oxymoron today. But as we begin moving beyond the first stage of pandemic response, business leaders must reimagine what usual looks like—and be ready to guide transformation during the post-COVID recovery.