Bringing Greater Clarity to Total Cost of Ownership and Business Value

April 29, 2020
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Client: A major automotive platform

As a major automotive platform that helps customers buy, sell and own cars, our client knows that “full sticker price” doesn’t reflect total cost of ownership (TCO). RGP’s team of AWS, Finance and IT experts helped them realize the benefits of their cloud migration with an optimized IT costing model, robust TCO analysis and a holistic view of their cloud migration benefits.

After completing several migrations to AWS cloud, our client expressed concern about the amount of cloud spend to date. They asked our Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) team to compare real-world results with their business case to better understand the return on their AWS investment.

What We Did

  • Educated senior leaders on the AWS TCO and benefits, including non-financial benefits.
  • Reviewed, assessed and optimized existing IT costing and AWS TCO models, normalizing on-prem and AWS spend to enable more accurate and meaningful cost comparisons. Included internal, on-prem, co-location and AWS-specific metrics.
  • Designed a holistic, easy-to-use and scalable costing model and TCO model/budgeting tools to assess actual and future spend.
  • Created a TCO budgeting, forecasting and analysis tool based on real-world data that will be used for future AWS migration planning.


  • Helped senior leadership understand the value of continued migration to AWS.
    • Achieved continued support for future AWS migrations.
  • Improved integration, working relationships and alignment between FP&A, IT and the cloud business office.
    • Drove greater understanding for how to justify future cloud spend.
  • Identified optimization savings with the current configuration and recommended additional AWS products including:
    • Client-facing apps to drive increased retention and revenue growth
    • Reduction in SLA violation costs due to fewer disruption outages
    • Increased ability to procure and deploy hardware

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