RGP & Veracity Webinar: Building Tomorrow’s Digitized Workplace Today

Nov 19, 2020 |
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Today’s global pandemic is forcing virtually every industry and sector to adjust to new realities. What’s emerging is two-fold: workplaces transforming as remote work becomes more mainstream and workforces evolving as talent becomes more borderless.

Healthcare may be today’s best example, but it’s happening everywhere.

The challenge now? Finding the right balance between digitization’s benefits with the need to nurture company culture. Think: high-tech meets high touch.

To help navigate this new and emerging world, Jennifer Jones and Mark Deutsch from Veracity (an RGP company) led a timely discussion on digital workplace optimization in a webinar on November 17.

The evidence for digitization is clear: Companies investing in robust digital and in-person workplace experiences outperform the S&P 500, grow faster than their peers, and have more engaged employees.

Jen and Mark also shared a number of insights with participants, including:

  • How to define digital workplace experiences
  • The three key tech tools needed to create holistic digital workplaces
  • Overcoming the top six workplace challenges
  • The importance of investing in employee experience

Learn more about workplace experience here.

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