Proactive Planning for a Strong ESG Reporting Roadmap

A solid ESG program can lead to financial benefits, but to meet stakeholder expectations companies also need to provide high-quality and consistent information.

“Beyond benefiting the planet and society, sustainability measures correlate with financial performance.”

Bain & Company


of the S&P 500 already voluntarily publish sustainability reports.
(G&A Institute)

Stakeholders Demand Action: ESG Reporting Must Improve

Scrutiny is intensifying around how organizations manage and report ESG-related activities, especially on the issue of climate risk. Regulators, investors, rating agencies, consumers, and employees are frustrated by reporting inconsistencies and variations, escalating pressure to improve internal processes and metrics.

Developing a clear ESG reporting roadmap will help your organization navigate changing expectations, standards and regulatory requirements.

RGP works with organizations to address ESG challenges at multiple levels, creating a roadmap that helps you:

  • Adhere consistently to standards and frameworks
  • Manage ESG processes across multiple stakeholders
  • Ensure data quality of financial and non-financial data

“Momentum is building in both the U.S. and abroad for regulatory bodies to streamline and strengthen the reporting requirements for more consistent interpretation across companies’ ESG reporting."

– Janis Parthun, Vice President, Project Consulting Services

Building a Strong ESG Reporting Strategy

As ESG requirements and recommended approaches shift, RGP helps you develop and execute a reporting strategy that’s clear and consistent.

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ESG Reporting & Risk Management: Are You Ready for New Rules?

If finalized, proposed SEC rules regarding climate-related disclosures would have a major impact on companies and auditors alike. Now is the time to get ready.

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Webinar: Navigating ESG Reporting for Your Organizational Needs

Learn how evolving regulatory requirements for ESG reporting may impact your organization and what best practices you should consider implementing in this recorded webinar session with RGP’s Janis Parthun.

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Webinar: ESG & Internal Audit

As requirements and recommended approaches evolve, what role can the internal audit function provide? In this recorded webinar, RGP ESG and risk and compliance experts share their perspectives and recommendations.

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Advance Your ESG Program with Reporting

RGP helps you successfully execute your ESG reporting goals, improving the quality and consistency of your data, bringing in consultants with the right expertise from across our different practice areas to meet your specific needs. Key areas of support include:

Technical Accounting

Prepare for evolving climate-related disclosure developments with guidance from skilled technicians who can evaluate your current state, identify gaps, and provide recommendations.

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Operational Reporting

Enhance ESG reporting at every stage – from developing your reporting strategy to evaluating its execution to assessing alignment to standards and frameworks – with recommendations and support from our experienced advisors.

Risk and Compliance

Improve the quality of non-financial ESG-related performance data with help conducting your audit readiness, evaluating process level control design, identifying control design gaps, and developing appropriate remediation plans.

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Program Automation

Transform how you manage and report on ESG initiatives with automated reporting solutions.

Need help developing a proactive ESG reporting roadmap?

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