Mastering Digital Transformation with a Winning Gambit

Learn how to put your people into position, empowering teams for success when adopting new processes and technologies.

“There is no digital transformation without cultural transformation – period, full stop.”

Jay Ferro Global CIO, ERT

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Make Your First Move Your Best Move

Global organizations are playing the digital transformation game—taking calculated risks to integrate new technologies into their business models. The prizes include improved operational efficiencies, faster time-to-market, better customer experiences, and enhanced revenue. 

But many are neglecting a key piece of their strategy—the human piece. Processes and technologies are only part of the play; it’s the people who make the moves. Learn how RGP can help you position your teams for success, creating an exceptional employee experience, managing through cultural change, accelerating the adoption of new systems, and embracing innovation.

Gain the Hybrid Workforce Advantage

Managing hybrid workforces can create traps for companies looking to deliver a great workplace experience. Learn how to defend against losing your best talent and prepare for the “Now of Work” in our latest webinar.

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Give Your Team the Value Creation Edge

M&A can be a valuable driver of transformation and growth. But successful integrations require a massive level of knowledge sharing and change adoption. Discover how our digital workforce enablement tool brings all the right pieces together, helping your employees find what they need to deliver more value.

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Elevate Employee Experience with Technology

Automation, digitization, machine learning, AI, data and analytics, and cloud migration are driving massive shifts in company processes and systems. Learn how to empower the people at the heart of your transformation in our new infographic, “Six Winning Employee Experience Moves.”

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Get Ready to Deliver a Return on Change™

Leading an organization through transformation is like a game of speed chess, requiring both business and human agility. Are you ready to launch a successful change initiative? Take our 3-minute survey to see whether you’re positioned for success or need to course-correct.

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End-to-End Digital Transformation Capabilities

RGP’s human-first approach to digitization ensures rapid adoption and sustainable success. From your initial gambit to your endgame, we’ll keep your moves ahead of the competition.

Business Agility

Develop a roadmap, build a high-performance team, and create a culture of change to support your agile transformation. Organizations investing in agility benefit from faster time to market, reduced costs and improved employee satisfaction.

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Change Management

Accelerate and sustain change and set the stage for success by implementing a flexible, pragmatic approach to designing or enhancing your change muscle.

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HR Strategy

The most successful organizations are embracing blended workforce strategies to improve revenue, contain costs, manage risk and create operational efficiencies. Transform your workforce strategies with robust, human-centered solutions for a broad range of HR initiatives.

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Technology, Data & Automation

Information technology can drive value into every aspect of an organization, from enterprise operations and customer relations to strategic planning and execution. Generate breakthrough innovations and maximize ROI with technologies, data analytics and RPA.

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Workplace/Employee Experience

Optimize the way people work and increase satisfaction for improved retention and productivity. The Veracity team at RGP can help you design a thoughtful workplace experience that improves collaboration, unlocks productivity and simplifies processes so employees and customers get what they need, when they need it.

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Borderless Talent
A Tight Labor Market Requires Business Flexibility

Clichés like “unprecedented times” and “new normal” are once again in vogue. But this time it’s describing the current labor squeeze, where demand for top talent far exceeds the supply. The balance of power has shifted. As employers begin to reopen offices, employees are demanding more flexible work models.

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Now of Work
How to Plan for the 'People Part'

Transformative change inevitably brings serious human impacts. That means change management should be a cornerstone of your strategic planning, with a focus on the “people part.”

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Finance Transformation
Adopting an Agile Approach to Scale Digital Finance Transformation

Finance teams that embrace digital to optimize operations and deliver valuable business insights are better able to anticipate and respond to disruption. And by adopting an Agile approach, they’re able to turn up the digital volume—and deliver benefits their organizations can take to the bank.

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Change Management
Easing the Human Impact of Digital Transformation

To drive awareness, understanding and adoption of a cloud migration our client engaged with RGP to develop a strategic framework to support change management during digital transformations.

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Technology & Digital
Why Tech & Human-First Aren’t Mutually Exclusive

Technology and being human-first are increasingly becoming intertwined. In this Q&A, RGP VP and Business Technology Leader Kathy Pazely provides insights into how digital transformations are incorporating employee experience, preserving culture and embracing change management.

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Workforce Enablement
Empowering Integration Teams

To help our client successfully integrate acquired companies and create maximum value, we developed a better way to share knowledge and new ways of working.

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Technology & Digital
Technology Adoption as a Competitive Advantage

Dr. Vanessa Akhtar from Kotter Inc writes about the need for organizations to embrace new technology in the midst of COVID-19. Organizations that embrace new technology and avoid common adoption pitfalls will set themselves up to meet employee, customer and shareholder needs.

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Risk Management
How to Rethink Risk for a Digital World: Key Trends & Techniques

The accelerating pace of digital transformation is changing the nature of risk and compliance. RGP's SVP of Strategic Initiatives, Paresh Shah, highlights the key digital trends driving these changes, along with critical techniques for evolving your approach.

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Digital Transformation
Increase the Odds of Digital Transformation Success: Put People First

To successfully lead a full Digital Transformation, stakeholders must recognize this exercise is a marathon, not a sprint. The odds aren’t good: Only 20-30% of digital transformations succeed as planned. RGP’s Robert Olszak, VP for Procurement & Supply Chain Management, details how businesses can increase the odds of success by focusing on those most impacted by change: their employees.

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Now Of Work
How to Win the Talent Game by Building an Empowering Workplace Culture

Workplace culture, shaped by shared beliefs, values and behaviors, has always been an important competitive advantage and an important factor in recruiting and retaining talented employees. But the pandemic has played a big role in shifting the talent landscape and reshaping the world of work. Culture is now more critical than ever.

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Transformation Management
It’s Time to Evolve the PMO

Transformations are complex, messy, ambiguous and, by their very nature, emotionally and professionally draining. Since disruption is now just part of the daily routine, it’s time to change the way we manage change and reevaluate the traditional role of the Program Management Office (PMO)—evolving from program and project management to transformation management.

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A Digital Transformation Career at RGP

Our consultants work with clients to define and optimize processes, select and implement the right technology, and successfully execute their strategy to deliver maximum value and impact.


Ready to be agile and make the right move for your team?

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