Make Cloud ERP a Strategic Weapon

Unprecedented shifts in the global economy and the world of work have dramatically accelerated the pace of change, forcing business leaders to rethink the way their companies operate and create value. These trends have also made cloud-enabled digital transformation a strategic imperative, with Chief Financial Officers at the helm.

“By 2028, cloud computing will shift from being a technology disruptor to becoming a necessary component for maintaining business competitiveness.”

– Gartner


organizations will embrace a cloud-first approach by 2025


of change initiatives are a clear success

Building a Future-Ready Foundation for Competitive Advantage

Corporate leadership now expects CFOs to provide business insights on an almost real-time basis to ensure optimal use of capital and resources. This requires transforming core business processes and embracing a digital-first, cloud-centered ecosystem with cloud ERP as its foundation. Because of this, finance leaders are rapidly assuming the role of “Chief Future Officer.” Instead of simply approving cloud investments — they’re driving transformation.

Learn how migrating to a cloud ERP enables your organization to more nimbly respond to rapidly changing business needs in our Executive Brief, The Cloud ERP Imperative. And keep scrolling for other valuable resources to help chart a successful path to transformation.


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Why Cloud ERP?

  • Lower cost of entry and total cost of ownership
  • Faster deployments, with easier configuration and updates 
  • Built-in industry best practices and workflows
  • Closer integration across core business systems and processes
  • Real-time access to data — a single source of truth from disparate sources
  • Unified reporting and data visualization capabilities
  • Predictive analytics, with built-in AI and machine learning capabilities
  • Scalability and flexibility to support agility, growth and resilience
  • Better support for hybrid workforce and virtual collaboration 

Why RGP: Cloud ERP Solutions

See how our expert consultants work as an extension of your team, filling critical gaps to ensure you realize the benefits of cloud ERP migration (3 minutes).  

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Prepare for a Smooth Move to the Cloud

Cloud migration isn’t just a technology transformation — it’s a business transformation. This means ensuring that your organization is truly ready for change, supported by an implementation strategy that accounts for people and processes, not just the technology. 

Start Planning

Cloud ERP strategy and planning guide

Deliver Value & Impact

Successful transformation depends on successful project execution. Get practical guidance for orchestrating complex workstreams and mitigating transformation risks while ensuring you realize the expected benefits.

Drive Project Success

Cloud ERP implementation guide

7 Key Considerations for System Selection

Successful cloud ERP migration starts with selecting the right system to support your organization’s business processes and technology environment. Review our tip sheet to learn key considerations.

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10 Critical Risk Factors to Avoid

Transformation is an inherently risky business. And ERP implementations can be particularly fraught. Adopting leading practices can help you avoid potential points of project failure as well as the painful timeline slips and cost overruns that can result.

Review the Risks

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Manage Transformational Change

Focusing on change management helps mitigate risk. Discover a proven approach for accelerating transformation, driving adoption, and realizing the anticipated business value.

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Cloud ERP Change Management Guide

Are You Ready for Cloud ERP?

Implementing a new business technology system such as a cloud ERP means changing how work gets done. Are you ready to launch a successful change initiative? Take our 3-minute Change Readiness Survey to see whether your organization is on track for the journey.

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Expert Support for Your Cloud ERP Transformation

Wherever you are on your cloud ERP journey, you can rely on RGP to help you deliver the expected benefits.

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Cloud ERP Solutions Brief

"Successful companies are implementing an agile approach to keep their ERP systems in sync with rapidly evolving business strategies and operating models.”

– Kathy Pazely, VP Business Technology

Partnering for Sustainable Success

RGP Cloud ERP Solutions

RGP brings a tailored, client-centric approach to cloud ERP transformation, providing blended solutions to ensure rapid adoption and sustainable success. Over more than 20 years, we’ve supported our clients with hundreds of system implementations and upgrades as well as technology optimization and software selection. Wherever you are in your cloud ERP journey, you can rely on RGP to help you successfully execute and deliver the expected benefits.

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Cloud ERP Systems

Our consultants have deep technical expertise and experience with the systems driving today’s digital enterprise—helping ensure your cloud ERP implementation delivers maximum value with minimal disruption. And our strategic alliances with leading cloud ERP partners enable us to deliver successful cloud initiatives across every industry and business function. We can help you with:

  • System Selection
  • System Assessment and Optimization
  • System Implementation Support

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Data Migration & Governance

Data migration is the backbone of any ERP implementation. We work with you to deliver high-quality data that not only supports compliance, controls and financial reporting requirements, but also enables fast, data-driven decision-making.

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Program & Project Management

Large, complex initiatives such as cloud ERP implementations require expert project managers who can deftly align stakeholders, anticipate risks, and orchestrate multiple cross-functional workstreams, from launch to go-live. Our PMs have decades of experience and have executed hundreds of ERP transformations.

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Change Management & Training

Change management is critical for a cloud ERP implementation to succeed and deliver the anticipated benefits. Because even the best project plan will fail if your people do not accept and adopt the changes. Effective change management mitigates the risks and increases the probability of success by a factor of 6X.

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Risk & Compliance

To ensure proper governance of a cloud ERP system implementation, it's critical to include risks and controls in your process design and requirements. A system implementation audit verifies that leading practices are followed.

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Client Success
Cloud ERP: From Mandate to Implementation in 12 Months

See how RGP helped Solidigm go live with a full-stack SAP S/4HANA system on time and deliver results nearly a year faster than plan, rescuing $70M+ in revenue.

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10 Critical Cloud ERP Workstreams Your SI Won't Handle

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Migrating Disparate Data to SAP S/4HANA

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Client Success
Oracle Cloud Transformation

A prominent technology nonprofit organization was embarking on a full-scale finance transformation, encompassing several large initiatives and nearly all their platforms. RGP’s cross-functional team delivered all phases of the program on time and on budget.

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Modernizing for a Changing World

Organizations need to rethink the way they operate and create value, transforming core business processes and systems, and migrating to cloud-based ERP.

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10 Reasons Cloud ERP Projects Fail

Less than 50% cloud ERP implementations succeed. Here are 10 of the most common areas where these projects fall short—and what you can do to ensure success.

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ERP migrations
Getting Your Organization Ready for Change

For cloud ERP implementation projects to succeed and deliver ROI, your organization must be ready to adopt the new systems, processes and new ways of working.

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Client Success
Driving Cloud ERP User Adoption

A leading global provider of solutions for automotive retailers was implementing a new ERP system and knew change management was essential to success.

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