Mobilizing for Growth, Minimizing Disruption

November 4, 2019
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Rob Jett, Vicky Fang

As part of a strategic business transformation designed to focus on growth in core product categories, our client engaged RGP to launch a Separation Management Office (SMO) to bring 11 workstreams under one governance umbrella.

What We Did

  • Provided templates as well as identified and costed 110+ transition services (forward and reverse) across 8 functions.
  • Established Transition Services Agreement (TSA) governance to minimize post-close operational issues.
  • Mobilized a cross-functional team to determine separation of order-to-cash for proper revenue tracking.
  • Developed an IT operating model and separation plan that allowed the buyer to quickly stand up critical IT infrastructure.
  • Provided tools to monitor risks and templates to accelerate development of separation plans for each function.


  • Defined transition services early in the deal process to minimize post-close operational issues.
  • Maintained control over process by establishing a broad SMO structure early in the deal process.
  • Provided clarity on future operating model and separation plan, avoiding TSA exit delays and disruption to business as usual.
  • Sustained IT-run business integrity while supporting a successful transition to the new ownership model.
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