Optimizing Compensation Incentive Plans and Processes

September 17, 2019
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Client: A fast-growing, global technology company

Our Client with more than 3,000 plan participants worldwide needed to quickly replace their departing internal stock administrator to process stock-based transactions and manage employee communications.

Bringing deep expertise and experience with E*TRADE’s administration platform, RGP was able to offload the work of our Client’s in-house administrator and eliminate the need for their outsourcing contract with E*TRADE. Our team quickly implemented a more streamlined approach, increasing service levels while reducing costs.

What We Did

  • Consulted with our Client’s general counsel, who oversaw plan administration.
  • Proposed a more efficient, cost-effective approach, with RGP picking up tasks that were previously handled by our Client’s internal resource and E*TRADE.
  • Hit the ground running immediately, thanks to our expertise and and experience with E*TRADE’s Equity Edge Online.


  • Helped our Client renegotiate their contract with E*TRADE, allowing RGP to handle plan administration.
  • Took on the workload of the internal stock administrator, enabling our Client to reallocate a resource to contracts administration.
  • Significantly improved response time to employee inquiries and extended hours of support to a 12-hour day.
  • Helped develop import files to streamline processing.

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