Getting a Global Licensing Rights System Ready for Prime Time

August 22, 2019
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Client: A Fortune 50 entertainment company

With a deep client relationship defined by collaboration and expert industry knowledge, RGP enabled a Fortune 50 entertainment group to drive revenue as well as compliance and change management across its diverse businesses for process control transformation.

For our Fortune 50 entertainment industry client, licensing rights and contracts are business-critical—and so are the systems to manage them. With RGP’s project leadership and subject matter expertise, they’re implementing and integrating a cloud-based management system enterprise-wide.

What We Did

  • Configured system templates, input relevant data and supported critical workstreams.
  • Tailored functionality and detailed scoping of reports.
  • Conducted comprehensive review and capture of critical business and legal contract terms related to TV and movie production and development.
  • Established process controls and quality control guidelines while beta testing the application.
  • Consolidated and organized multiple databases into an organized taxonomy for integration.
  • Conducted ongoing training for new employees and temporary personnel.


  • Tackled complex subject matter to create process control and integration of the global licensing rights SaaS platform.
  • Implemented an agile approach and change management skills, enabling our Client to expand the project’s scope to additional divisions and locations.
  • Maximized assets definition and values to enable Guild compliance, improve payment processes and refine audit trails.
  • Rationalized business affairs and legal process workstreams to improve workflow and departmental continuity.
  • Enabled meaningful substantive data analysis to create effective reports.
  • Implemented a holistic corporate approach to help achieve conflicting departmental needs.

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