An Appetite for Delivering M&A Deal Value

August 16, 2019
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Client: A national grocery chain

When a challenging, multi-billion dollar merger was occurring in the retail food industry, we applied our human-first approach to our Client’s integration in navigating more than 1,200 retail locations with 250,000+ impacted employees. Due to the magnitude and complexity of the deal, we also delivered IT Integration Management support to the acquirer.

A high-stakes, multi-billion dollar merger in the retail food industry required improved IT Finance processes and reporting automation, tackling post-Day One IT integration resource attrition and navigating integration delays.

What We Did

  • Provided experienced IT Integration Management Office (IMO) and workstream leads that knew our Client’s business so they could “hit the ground running” to help the integration team increase their efficiency and productivity.
  • Addressed our Client’s cross-functional dependency gaps and developed a framework to manage issues moving forward.
  • Automated the reporting process, increasing time to focus on integration strategy, resulting in fewer delays.


  • Reduced our Client’s “learning curve” by earning their trust and deployed the right people who could support their team and accelerate their impact.
  • Increased efficiencies by automating manual processes.
  • Eliminated redundancies allowing IT IMO leadership more time to focus on strategy, as opposed to, managing daily emergencies.
  • Delivered customized IT Integration playbook.

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