Leveraging Talent to Accelerate Transformation and Growth

May 18, 2022
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What if you could accelerate the transformation of your organization in just 90 days, driving fundamental change to deliver exponential business growth? It may sound too good to be true, but it’s not. Businesses that engage their leaders and people in a new vision for the future can create a sense of urgency that generates short-term wins that lead to long-term results.

An estimated 70% of change programs fail to achieve their change goals, with lack of management support and employee resistance cited as top causes. When people are genuinely invested in change, it’s 30% more likely to be successful. In an upcoming June 2 webinar, “Accelerating Growth to Maximize Your Returns,” Ed Caldwell, VP of Change Management at RGP, and Rod Walker, Chief Growth Officer at Kotter, will explain how the companies’ 90-day alignment and accelerator framework, Return on ChangeTM, powered by Kotter, helps businesses deliver and sustain change, and how one healthcare company engaged employees to unlock revenue potential.

Align the Organization Around a Vision for the Future

Employee resistance is among the main reasons that change initiatives fail. It’s not surprising; it’s human nature. Research shows that more than 60% of people do not like to leave their comfort zone. Particularly when undergoing fundamental cultural changes, such as those experienced during a merger and acquisition, it’s essential that leadership assesses the current state, sets a clear and compelling vision for the future, and identifies stakeholders and employees that can serve as champions of the desired ways of working.

Create Buy-In and Momentum Through Small, Quick Wins

Once an organization has achieved leadership alignment and identified stakeholders who can model the new behaviors, a coalition of cross-functional volunteers should be enlisted to drive and celebrate quick wins via broadly activating the organization; thus, creating a sense of urgency around the vision for the future. Concurrently, cross-functional, short-term initiatives should be executed in 90-day sprints to drive breakthrough business results while putting the new behaviors and different ways of working to the test.

Reinforce New Behaviors to Create Sustainable Change

The goal is to gain commitment from 50% plus 1 of the change population, at all levels of the organization, relatively quickly to generate momentum for change. Ongoing measurement of business results, culture activation, and the reinforcement of role-modeled behavior changes are essential to scaling and sustaining the success of the overall business transformation.

Join RGP and Kotter’s webinar to learn how to:

  • Assess organizational challenges quickly
  • Set a compelling vision of what’s possible
  • Address the question of “why now” for change
  • Activate your workforce to achieve breakthrough growth

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