Financial Operations

Remove inefficiency from financial operations to boost performance and business value.

Streamlining and automating operational processes enables finance leaders to do more with less.

Finance leaders feel the full weight of pressure to reduce overhead costs and deliver more value to the business. Improving operational efficiency is critical, but it’s not easy to find time and bandwidth to identify which processes and systems should be optimized—or to actually implement needed changes.

RGP takes a human-first approach to financial operations. Working closely with senior leadership and stakeholders to understand your environment, business needs and current practices, we uncover root causes and recommend industry-leading practices to optimize systems and processes.

Reduce Costs and Cycle Time with RGP

Our consultants bring years of experience and practical expertise to help you meet increasing business demands. Taking a highly collaborative and customized approach, we help you identify opportunities to reduce costs and accelerate cycle times while empowering your people to support strategic business objectives.

Our Approach

RGP Financial Operations solutions help finance teams to streamline, automate or eliminate activities, standardize processes, and adopt or enhance business systems.

Accounting Close Optimization (ACO):
Does it feel like the close process is a never-ending cycle? We understand the challenges you face to shorten close cycles and meet reporting deadlines. We can help optimize the financial close by aligning systems, people and processes to minimize reporting delays and make the close more efficient.

Accelerating the Close: RGP can assess the close and reporting cycle to identify inefficiencies, bottlenecks and opportunities for automation and help implement a more streamlined process

Chart of Accounts: A key part of our ACO methodology is building a solid foundation for efficient, predictable reporting and analysis with a cohesive Chart of Accounts structure.

BlackLine Implementation: As a BlackLine Strategic Alliance and certified implementation partner with more than 50 certified BlackLine consultants, we help eliminate and accelerate manual financial close processes and reconciliations.

Technology Enablement and Automation: With a host of technology tools supporting finance and accounting operations, including reporting, closing, financial and analytic software, RGP can define business requirements and assist in a thoughtful selection of the technology that is right for you. Moreover, through proven project management techniques, we can assist in implementing those technology tools to help enhance productivity and performance.

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