Side-by-Side, CEOs and CFOs Plot The Future (StrategicCFO360)

June 10, 2022
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The dynamic between CEOs and CFOs has evolved over the past decade as the role of the CFO expands to encompass deeper involvement in operations.
The rapid pace of change seen across all industries has brought these roles closer together than ever before according to StrategicCFO360.

Our own CEO Kate Duchene and CFO Jenn Ryu spoke with the publication about the dynamics of their close partnership, how they complement one another and how their partnership has led to a recipe for success for RGP.

Kate Duchene and Jen Ryu

“Jenn’s not just a finance person or a risk and compliance professional, she’s my business partner,” said Duchene. “She says the hard things I need to hear. She’s the yin to my yang.”

“We complement each other,” said Ryu. “Kate focuses on opportunity and potential whereas my role is to look around the corner and focus on realism and honest risk assessment. Credibility is really important for a CFO. It’s up to me to thread the needle between strategy and financial performance, weaving a narrative from the financial data.”

Read the full article on StrategicCFO360 to learn more about how their partnership came to be and how their relationship has grown.

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