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Can We Fix the Broken Vaccine Supply Chain?

Feb 8, 2021
by SupplyChainBrain

The U.S. COVID-19 vaccine rollout has had its challenges, but it’s also placed heightened demand on an already constrained supply chain, creating a perfect storm that the industry must reckon with.

RGP’s Supply Chain Director, Robert Olszak appeared on the SupplyChainBrain podcast to share his insights on the last-mile logistical challenges of vaccine distribution, freight capacity limitations, and the ongoing driver shortage within the logistics and transportation industry.

“The bigger concern when you look at capacity constraints from a logistics and transportation perspective is, how are the lack of assets, driver resources, and the declining capacity within the N.A. industry impacting the ability to move materials and goods from point A to point B,” Olszak said.

He also discussed the impact these constraints will have on industries that depend on the delivery of goods and materials, as well as long-term strategies for addressing the supply-demand gap, such as decentralized logistics, improved predictive analytics and more load sharing.

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