Aligning Growth Resources with Market Opportunity at RGP (Forbes)

October 20, 2021
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How Tim Brackney is Capitalizing on the Growing Market for Agile, Blended, Borderless and Remote Workforces

Our friends at the Revenue Enablement Institute study how leading organizations are transforming their commercial models to accelerate revenue growth. In their partnership with Forbes, our President & COO, Tim Brackney was profiled in Forbes to discuss RGP’s growth strategy and market demands for a more agile, blended and remote workforce.

Tim Brackney, COO and President of RGP

“A lot of people say data is the new oil, but we see talent as the new oil because if you can’t get your arms around the talent you need to transform your business, you will fall behind,” says Brackney. “Transformation is happening at a hyper rate. Every company is stacking initiatives on top of each other, and they can’t possibly hire quickly enough to do everything they want to do. In fact, the savviest enterprises recognize this and have tapped into agile resourcing to keep pace. We offer alternative ways to use the kind of talent they need quickly.”

Read more from Brackney on we help clients match the right professional talent needed to tackle change and transformation initiatives.


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