CEO Kate Duchene Addresses the Murder of George Floyd in Letter to Employees

June 1, 2020
2 Minute Read

Dear Colleagues,

I am at my desk this morning in my home office feeling overwhelmed. I am so saddened by the events that occurred in Minneapolis last week where George Floyd was brutally killed by a policeman while other officers calmly watched the horror unfold. The callousness displayed by the conduct on the video is inhuman—and, I recognize, this follows many similar incidents in recent memory. I’m also saddened by the extreme elements who have hijacked the important voices of the protestors to loot and commit acts of violence. What the events of the last 72 hours tell me loud and clear: the pain and frustration are real, must be heard, and change must come.

This racial turmoil, during the scariest health crisis of our lifetime, has rocked us to our core. While I’m confident we’ll overcome the pandemic with the combination of nature and science, we face a more daunting task that has challenged us much longer: the systemic and societal issues of racism, inequality and social injustice. There’s no doubt that these issues are tremendously complex and longstanding, but that doesn’t mean we’re powerless to effect change. We cannot afford to sit on the sidelines. We must take action to change. We must use our voices, our intellect and our resources to be a force for good. We can set an example both as individuals and as a company. One of the very best attributes of RGP is our diversity and our commitment to an inclusive community. Let’s embrace those virtues more fully and make a difference in the world.

Today marks the start of our new fiscal year at RGP. This year brings promise and opportunity—as well as plenty of challenge. We all have a job to do for this company, but we also have a job to do for our society. That’s why I’m announcing today that we are establishing a Social Justice Fund at RGP this year. We will match up to $100,000 to support the non-profit organizations of our employees to address the issues of racism and social injustice. We cannot let this conversation fade without doing our part. You have my commitment that RGP intends to take a more active role in speaking out, participating in this important dialogue and supporting our people in their efforts to be active citizens around these issues.

Frustrated and saddened, writing this helps me see the possible—helps me find hope in a very dark landscape. Change can start with each of us. We can acknowledge and respect the pain of our colleagues. We can listen. We can ask how we can help. We can reflect on our own hearts and minds to understand what we can do differently to abolish unconscious bias and fear. We can establish a plan to get involved in our communities to extend a hand, bridge a gap and act for the greater good. Make your plan today as I’m making mine. Tomorrow is already too late.

We are human— in the very best sense of the word. The world needs more humanity right now. Let’s share ours.



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