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Building Agility and Resilience.
"In unprecedented times like these, companies need more than operational agility to keep their business running—they need human agility as well."

Kate Duchene, CEO

A Message from Our CEO

Planning for Continuity in the
Face of Uncertainty

Disruption comes in many forms. For organizations that have confronted everything from stock market crashes to natural disasters, the COVID-19 pandemic presents a crisis unlike anything they’ve ever faced. Companies of all sizes and industries are being stress-tested like never before.

As with every challenge, we at RGP are approaching the current crisis with a spirit of optimism, coming together with our clients and colleagues to navigate uncharted territory, and focusing on the human impact and how we can support each other during this unprecedented time.

That includes sharing resources and tools we’ve developed to support business continuity and agility—both today and in the future—including planning templates and tools, innovative ways to stay connected, and inspiring stories from our RGP family across the globe.

We’ll continue updating this space as we discover and create additional resources to support your business and your people. We hope you’ll check back here often. Drop us a note and let us know how we can help. And share your own stories of resilience and optimism.

Our Leaders Share their Perspectives on Responding to Crisis


Data & Analytics: The 'Holy Grail' During Business Disruption

It’s not an understatement to claim that Covid-19 has radically changed everything in our daily lives: from family dynamics, to work and school, and even the most mundane activities like grocery shopping. On the business front, every industry has been profoundly disrupted as well.

In this Q&A, our VP of Data & Analytics, Sean Brown, shares some of the data management challenges and opportunities that organizations around the globe are experiencing.


Surviving the Crisis: Financial Health Assessment

Companies across all industries are feeling the financial impact of COVID-19. But there are immediate steps you can take to prepare for your return to financial health. Thora Thoroddsen, VP of Restructuring & Bankruptcy, advises starting with a financial health check-up so that you can make smart decisions now to survive the current crisis while building for a stronger future.


The Agile Cure for Continuity in a Crisis

It may not be possible to create predefined response plans for unknown events. But by transforming your organization to be more agile, you’ll be better prepared to absorb the impact of an unforeseen crisis and recover quickly to maintain business continuity. Learn more about the behaviors and mindsets you can adopt now to stay a step ahead.


Responding to Crisis with Agility and Resilience

The COVID-19 global pandemic is testing businesses in ways most of us never imagined. Even the best business continuity plans might not account for all of the risk factors you’re currently having to manage and mitigate against. Our VP of Risk & Compliance, Mark Stifter, provides guidance for addressing many of the immediate challenges you face while building a resilient foundation for the future.


When Business as Usual Is Anything But

The coronavirus and COVID-19 may have blown into North America and Europe like an early spring storm, but our offices in China and across the Asia Pacific region have been dealing with this crisis for months. Our VP of Human Resources, Karyn White, has been spearheading RGP’s business continuity efforts since the beginning. In this Q&A she shares some of the very human challenges that organizations around the globe are experiencing—along with some practical suggestions for managing the “people part” of business continuity.

Helpful Resources

We've developed a few resources to help guide you through the impacts of the current challenge and emerge more resilient.

Readiness Checklist

Organizations in today’s environment are in a constant state of change, making it essential to have a business continuity plan that is continuously updated to reflect current macro-events and operations.

Use this Readiness Checklist to determine your company’s preparedness for any scenario, whether natural or man-made, and make sure these elements are part of your current business continuity plan today.

Business Continuity Playbook

It’s impossible to anticipate every event that might threaten your business, but it is possible to plan for an effective response. Business Continuity Planning focuses on keeping critical business operations up and running during and after a disaster or other disruption.

This playbook provides practical guidance for developing an effective strategy for business continuity that enables your organization to survive and thrive after any crisis.

Adapting to New Ways of Working


What Happens After COVID-19? Glimpses of Tomorrow’s Workforce Today

We’ve been hearing a lot about “the future of work” for a while now. But few of us expected it to arrive quite so soon. Our CEO, Kate Duchene, has spent the last few weeks responding to the human impacts that COVID-19 has had on RGP’s workforce and clients. She writes that this is a challenging time for every business, but the current crisis offers the chance to step back and look at a much larger story that’s emerging: how the human agility we practice now can ignite opportunity and impact both now and in the future.

Virtually Yours

Whether you’ve been working from home forever or a few days, this new “temporary normal” feels unsettling and uncertain.  As we adjust to this new reality of social distancing and sheltering in place, it helps to find insight and inspiration from our shared experience of working together—apart.


Navigating the New "Temporary Normal"

The first in our series of “Virtually Yours” missives comes from RGP’s President and COO Tim Brackney, who typically spends most of his work week on the road. Here’s what he’s learned so far about working from home, along with tips and recommendations for our global teams.


Building Resilience: The
New “R” in RGP’s Culture

Zarina Ward, our VP & Head of Talent, Europe, is now playing expanded roles as an advisor, teacher and more. She's learning new skills, like how to bake bread, and discovering more practical ways to build resilience. Here’s how she’s helping her teams and RGP move forward — together.


Looking Forward to
“Next Normal”

The third installment of our “Virtually Yours” missives comes from Katy Conway, our Chief People Officer, who has been working around the clock to ensure the humans of RGP are staying safe and able to be productive during this time. She sent an inspirational message of how far we’ve come together through this crisis and provided some insights on how we’ll grow stronger and more resilient as a global team because of it.

Working Virtually: A Survival Guide

With global events making work from home the new normal, we know it’s possible to have engaged, productive and high-performing teams across virtual environments. Our VP of Client Experience, Laurie Gray, is a seasoned remote worker. In this series about working virtually, she shares some of her best practices and advice to help newcomers make adjustments to their new virtual environment while maintaining team productivity.


Part 1

Creating a Productive Mental Environment


Part 2

Creating a Productive Physical Environment at Home


Part 3

Maintaining Group Productivity

Expert Resources for
Resilience During COVID-19

To help your organization respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve curated a list of reputable industry and government resources focused on people, process and technology.